Friday, February 09, 2007

Chronic Superficial Gastritis, bloating, mild pain

Question: I’ve been experiencing bloating for many years. The bloating sensation is always there in the tummy and sometimes it will get worse when I’m hungry. And there is this dull pain occasionally. What can I do about it?

Answer: Your symptom of bloating with mild discomfort around the stomach area signifies lack of function of stomach system. If left unattended, the digestive system (spleen system) will be affected and eventually it may also jeopardize the functionality of lungs system (lung-qi). There is a simple way for people with lack of stomach function to boost up its functionality: drink approximately 100cc of warm to hot water a minute or two before each meal. The reason is that stomach needs energy for its functionality to work. People with weak stomach are usually colder in the tummy region. By taking in warm water before each meal helps warm up the stomach for food absorption. Doing so consistently will gradually raise the temperature of the stomach system to normal and thus reduce bloating symptom.

Mild and dull pain especially when you’re hungry means there’s possibility you may have chronic superficial gastritis. And it’s usually manifested as having mild pain in the upper abdomen especially when one is hungry, with bloating worsened when empty-stomached. Their right pulse (of the hand) is usually weaker than the left one. The tongue manifestation is typically a little obese tongue with light white coating on top. If these symptoms are what you’re having, you belong to the syndrome (type) of deficiency of spleen-qi (Lack of function of digestive system). A basal prescription consisting these herbs is recommended: DangShen 18g, FuLing 9g, BaiZhu 9g, GanCao 6g, ChenPi 3g, ShaRen 3g, ShanYao 12g YiRen 12g BianDou 9g, JieGeng 6g.

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