Thursday, January 24, 2008

Avian bird flu & Chinese medicine

Unknown pathogen: In 2003 Avian bird flu global spread, antibiotics were not effective at that time. The so-called “supportive treatment” of traditional Chinese medicine played an important role in enhancing body immune system, ability to fight virus, stabilizing situations and in preventing cases from deteriorating. The incredibly small percentage of 7% death rate in China showed to the world how Chinese medicine can be so useful in viral infections.

Pic: (Data as of 04.07.2006)

SARS: The major symptoms of SARS are fever, cough and muscle pains. By taking pulse and reading the tongue TCM doctors are able to write down the prescriptions and stop the virus from spreading. This unique characteristic of Chinese medicine is most suitable for eruption of acute diseases. Western medicine has to locate the pathogen first before prescribing medicine; without known pathogens, no drugs can be used. This happened when SARS first broke out where western medicine doctors didn’t know the cause and therefore was clueless to help.

During the treatment of SARS with western medicine, there were side effects of osteonecrosis, osteoarthropathy,steroid-related diseases, DM and etc. With application of Chinese medicine in SARS, it’s recognized by WHO (Who Health Organization) as a safe way.

China has a long history of conquering acute viral epidemics, contagious epidemics for 5 thousand years. SARS definitely was not the first.

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