Monday, August 11, 2008

You and Me, Beijing Olympic Games Theme Song

Many people were watching the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games opening ceremony on 8-8-2008 at 8.08pm and the 8th second (Beijing Time). There were many amazing sections of the performance. What caught my attention most is the THEME SONG 《我和你》(Wo He Ni, I And You, [You and Me]) presented by 刘欢 (LIU Huan) and Sarah BRIGHTMAN. The song seems so simple and yet beautiful and to an extend 'pure' from the heart.

Here I'm presenting the song in her original Chinese characters, PINYIN pronunciation and the literal meanings of the lyrics. I hope you'll like it.

《我和你》Wo He Ni, I And You, [You and Me]

Beijing Olympic Games Theme Song

Lyrics and music by: 陈其钢 (CHEN Qigang)
Performed by: 刘欢(LIU Huan) and Sarah BRIGHTMAN

我和你, 心连心, 同住地球村。
Wo He Ni, Xin Lian Xin, Tong Zhu Di Qiu Cun.
I-and-you, heart-links-heart, same-live-earth-globe-village.

为梦想, 千里行, 相会在/ 北京(这里)。
Wei Meng Xiang, Qian Li Xing, Xiang Hui Zai / Bei Jing (Zhe Li).
For-dreams-wishes, thousand-mile-journey, meet-ing- / in-Bei-Jing (right at here).

来吧, 朋友, 伸出你的手。
Lai Ba, Peng You, Shen Chu Ni De Shou.
Come-on, fri-ends, extend-out-you-r-hands.

我和你, 心连心, 永远一家人。
Wo He Ni, Xin Lian Xin, Yong Yuan Yi Jia Ren.
I-and-you, heart-links-heart, forever-ever-one-family-people.

You and me,
From one world,
We are family.

Travel dream,
A thousand miles,
Meeting / in Beijing (right at here).

Come together,
Put your hand in mine.

You and me,
From one world,
We are family.


You and me,
From one world,
We are family.

The song is beautiful because of her simple yet meaningful lyrics: All of us human beings living in this globe coming to one place for the same dream. I'd want to imagine we human beings are here to learn lessons, to pass the lessons and to excel in them without hurting anyone. We were all from the same source of spirits; just that we have never been aware of it. Now that we've come to realize our family, friends, and everyone are here to help us progress, improve and learn to be better human beings.

1) I've taken the liberty to change one part of the lyrics to "Meeting / in Beijing (right at here)". "Meeting right at here" means human beings are here on the mother earth. We can be scattered around the globe and we're still on the earth, learning lessons and trying to stay on the righteous track.

2) Can someone please do a video/music video with subtitle on this page? I'd imagine many non-Chinese speakers will be interested in knowing and learning this song. I wanted to grab the music video off YouTube and do some subtitle editing before posting back on it. Lack of know-how and my low-spec notebook forbid me from doing so.


Anonymous said...

Hi John!

If u want 2 grab videos from u-tube or somewhere else, u can just simply open d video from u-tube 4 ex, n then u can use "Orbit" n grab it. After that, u can use "Prism Video Converter" 2 change d video format into mp3, avi, etc.

I hope this will help u a little.

Best regards,


John J. C. Lew said...

Hi Nv,

Thanks for the tips. I work on a Linux Ubuntu machine that is not compatible with those programs I think. Actually I'm kind of lazy to do the technical stuff. Ha.

Take care,
John Lew

BadJohnny said...

Chinese music fans share their favorite songs in,you can go there if you are skilled chinese.

John J. C. Lew said...

Thank you, BadJohnny for your info on the Chinese music site.

John Lew

Anonymous said...

Dear John,

I love this song too. I'm glad that someones shares my mutual feelings and with someone whom I know too. ;)

Warm regards,
Theresa Hah

John J. C. Lew said...

Hi Theresa,

Yes, it's a simple and meaningful song.

And yes, we've always known each other; just that we've forgotten due to river of time.

Happy new life everyday!

John Lew