Sunday, September 14, 2008

Once a week, Johnny the Moron

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Johnny "the moron" once worked at a farming factory. One of the jobs he hated most was milking the cows. He always asked himself why he had to do the work everyday.

One day out of the blue he came up with a brilliant idea: "Why not once a week? Just leave the milk in the breasts and collect it every week, instead of everyday!"

He thought doing so could cut down the amount of time he spent everyday and yet still be able to collect a total of 6-day milk at the end of the week.

Applying the same analogy, some people believe they can:

1. exercise once a week for 3 consecutive hours (total = 3 hours) instead of exercise everyday for 30 minutes (total also = 3 hours).
2. drink water four times a day 500ml each (total = 2 liters) instead of once every hour 200ml each (total also = 2 liters).
3. pass bowel movement once a week (In one big lump sum with hardened stool; refusing to take any vegetables and fruits) instead of pass motion everyday (With smooth and adequake portion without hurting the anal lining).

4. bring their children for a weekend material shopping spree (Total = 6 hours plus materialistic bonding) instead of reading 30-minute spiritual bed-time stories to them every night (Total = 3 hours plus quality family bonding).

5. visit his/her mother once every week at the old folks house for half-a-day (Total = 6 hours; plus his/her mother's lonely and emptiness feelings) instead of having his/her mother to stay with them and accompany her an hour everyday (Total also = 6 hours; plus warmth and sense of togetherness).

You'll be surprised how many of us do things these ways...

Do we understand how frequency versus quantity (versus yet quality)?

1. Comic strip from Johnny the Moron,

2. If you think of any other misuse of frequencies, please let me know by writing your comments. Thank you.


The Runner, Dreamer, Observer, Seeker said...

Hi, John!
I like this comic. Johnny Moron used to be my nephew's favourite too.
The analogy you made here left me with something to ponder...
I know of some people who 'claim' that they do not have time and therefore, often skip sleep time for a few days to finish off their 'projects'. Later, they would spend one whole day sleeping the sleep of the wickedly innocent.
I was watching Dr. Oz on The Oprah Show and he made the same comment. Quality vs quantity.

John J. C. Lew said...

Hi the runner,

Glad you like the comic. Johnny certainly shows us what we're doing everyday - a negative role example.

John Lew