Thursday, October 23, 2008

Android open source smart phone

Open source system: Just recently Open Handset Alliance and Google released the source code of smart phone operating system Android, based on Linux kernel and operating system. What does that mean to the common public? It means so many developers/hackers/programmers can come up with really creative and innovative ideas/applications for the open smart phones of yours. Anyone can take a look at source code and help contribute by providing more ideas. Anyone who wishes to make any hardwares compatible with the software can do so with modification without any charges incurred, part of the benefit of GNU GPL License.

An open world: I've always opted for open systems as I believe living beings evolve in an open environment. Our genetics have gone through countless natural selections to have become the human forms today. Traditional medicine has always worked in an open manner without patents or copyrights. Why not the operating systems for computers/smart phones/pdas and etc.?

More joining: Another company that is going to open up her source code is Nokia and her Symbian operating system. Visionaries such as these people see the benefits that can be shared among human beings, and the vast amount of human talents that can help contribute to better and more innovative coding.

First Android phone: To the more common public all these names and programmings may not mean much. Let's bring something closer to the earth: The first android hand phone: HTC Dream G1

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