Thursday, January 08, 2009

Our coldness in winter

(Click on for clearer picture)

Help this poor old man~ Please~~
It's freezing here~

... ...

Poor old man... Oh...
I'll miss you...

... ...

1. Comic strip from Johnny the Moron,


el-f said...

Hi, John,

Discovered your blog sometime ago when I was doing some research on Teresa Hsu. Loved your info-rich blog. The cartoons are an added bonus to your blog viewers :-) Have added a link to your blog so more seniors can benefit from your medical expertise. Hope it's ok with you.

Lily Fu

John Lew said...

Dear Lily,

Visited your blog too and it's great work for the society to understand different changes and needs of seniors.

Seniors go through many changes and it's crucial to recognize and identify them. Changes in social role, professional status, physical aging, emotional conflicts from inside or outside, relationships with the younger generations and others all contribute to the quality of life of seniors.

Your blog for sure provides essential info for seniors to live a better life.


John Lew