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Survival of Life: Einstein and Hawking

Survival of Life: Einstein and Hawking

My family and I were at a vegetarian restaurant a month ago and I came across a quote that got my attention very much. It was actually printed on the restaurant menu, most likely to convince people to try out vegetarinism. Is it powerful and convincing enough? And how it got my attention that much? Simply because it's quoted from Albert Einsterin and it goes:

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." - Albert Einstein

And I went online to check if it's truly from Albert Einstein and, it seems it is; Many websites acknowledge that but none so far gives the detail source of the quote. A few more checkings show that many websites and organisations have used the quote for encouraging vegetarian diet or simply kept it as their quote database. I was thinking how I could make the quote more marketable and meaningful.

So I decided to highlight the two aspects in the quote:

1. Human health: Basically the statement means if we take vegetarian diet, our health will be kept very optimal. Vegetarianism is the number one contributing factor to good health and guess what, nothing else beats that, i.e., if you believe in Mr. Einstein's wisdom.

2. Chances for survival of life on earth: Are human beings and other life forms going to survive on earth? Are we using science and technology for creation or destruction? Are we living in harmony with all creatures? Is our enviroment getting better or getting worse? Has the earth got enough resources for everybody to live materialistically happy? Why do we seem to pollute our mother earth all the time?... How will vegetarian diet do good for survival of life? Again, if you have faith in Mr. Einstein, vegetarianism is also the number one helping factor to survival of life on Earth.

To put it in short, if you are a person who care about your health and our mother Earth, come and become a vegetarian.

And interestingly enough, Stephen Hawking wrote about survival of human beings on Earth roughly 2 weeks ago:

“We are entering an increasingly dangerous period of our history. Our population and our use of the finite resources of planet Earth are growing exponentially, along with our technical ability to change the environment for good or ill. But our genetic code still carries the selfish and aggressive instincts that were of survival advantage in the past. It will be difficult enough to avoid disaster in the next hundred years, let alone the next thousand or million." And he continued: “Our only chance of long-term survival is not to remain lurking on planet Earth, but to spread out into space."

Mr. Hawking is talking about survival of human life from the physical perspective, I presume. Venturing out into outer space helps create more resources for human consumptions. When more resources are available people will be busy venturing out rather than fighting over limited resource back home on Earth. But it most likely doesn't help with the 'selfish and aggresive instincts' of human beings. As long as this 'selfish and aggressive instincts' are still with us, we'll always use force to solve conflicts and problems. And 'it will be difficult to avoid disaster' in the remote future too.

Many people believe, and I believe, that vegetarian diet helps cultivate love for all living beings, thus helps diminishing 'selfish and aggressive instincts'. It's all so important to recognise the root cause: the selfish and aggressive instincts of human beings. Thank you, Mr. Hawking.

Mr. Einstein and Mr. Hawking have both provided their insights and solutions as to the survival of life on Earth. Mr. Einstein's approach seems covering all life forms and more of a change of personal actualization; whereas Mr. Hawking's idea is more outward and in line with scientific adventure.

If you ask me (well, nobody asks though, ha!), I'll say: "What about both? And many others too." Many times we human beings are looking for just one answer to a complex question and situation. There are many methods and approaches to solve many things. I'm sure many people are quietly and brilliantly doing their parts for the people and mother Earth they love.

We should all become vegetarians to preserve more natural resources and protect all life forms.

And at the same time some of those more adventurous people will go to the outer space for resources on other planets. There is no contradiction whatsoever.

PS: --------------------------------

+) Albert Einstein (1879-1955), widely regarded as the greatest scientist of the 20th century and a lifelong promoter of peace, who said, “Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” On a similar note he stated, “Our task must be to [widen] our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” And on the day he became a vegetarian, Einstein wrote in his diary, “So I am living without fats, without meat, without fish, but am feeling quite well this way. It always seems to me that man was not born to be a carnivore.” - Info from the Florida News Group, USA

+) Mr. Hawking's excerpts published by the Winnipeg Free Press:

+) More about Stephen Hawking at here:

+) “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” - Albert Einstein. I find this quote very amusing and can't help laughing after reading it for the first time and everytime! I'm laughing because it's very sure that human beings are stupid and those that are smart enough will know that humans are stupid; these smart people are humans too and therefore stupid too. And those that are stupid will believe they are very smart indeed. Human beings' stupidity is infinite! Ha ha!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moon is here

Moon is here.

Welcome to the jungle Earth, Moon. To be exact, 刘(LEW) 歆月(Xinyue) Moon, welcome to the chaotic life!

On November 15th, 2011 my wife and I welcomed the arrival of our baby daughter Moon. It was in a way as exciting as the arrival of Rain, Moon's elder sister by 2 years plus. But my wife said I seemed to be more care-free this time. Probably with a bit more experience, people become less anxious; so did I. Anyway, I'm equally thankful to all beings who make this happen. The forces of the universe work in a way that deserve respect and much must be learned so that we live in line with the messages of life.

Moon's arrival inspired me to write about Jaundice and the importance of confinement in certain ladies. I hope very soon I will be able to have time to write about the two topics. There seems to be some different views about how yellow jaundice comes about, physiologically or pathologically. As for confinement, many people may not realize how different human bodies can be from one race to another. So some say it's necessary to consolidate the body and some say no need. I say confinement is very necessary, yet the details differ depending on one's body type.

Looking back the past 2 years since Rain was born, I realized I still make mistakes. And some very big mistakes! I thought nearing 40 should be a good age nothing stirs my mind anymore; but it's not like that at all. I'm still being controlled by my emotional changes, hormonal raging and old bad habits. And things I said and wrote about improving myself as a son and husband and brother didn't materialize well. Still much hard work has to pour in.

Moon, and Rain, it's a much harder world than we think it is. Having said that though, let's admit the mistakes and vow never to repeat them again. Let's all calm our minds and do the right things right!


Thank you.

John LEW

Monday, October 31, 2011

Releasing lives gets fortune

Releasing lives gets fortune

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or for convenient viewing at:

******************************** ********************************

One hundred sparrows: Benefits of protecting lives

During the Qing dynasty in the city of Jing Kou, Jiang Su province, China, lived a ministry councilman, Fan.

One day, Mr Fan got back home excitedly.

Mr Fan: "Chun Mei, is madam's illness getting better today?"

Chun Mei: "Madam isn't eating anything at all."

Mr Fan: "Oh!... Never mind, tell madam I'll be seeing her soon."

Chun Mei: "Yes, master."

Shortly after, 5 cages of sparrows were sent in by a bird shop.

Mr Fan: "A-Cai, bring these sparrows to the backyard."

A-Cai: "Yes, master."

A-Cai was wondering: "Why is master buying so many sparrows?"

After which Mr Fan rushed to see his wife in her room.

"Sweetheart! Good news! Dr Wang told me a secret ingredient of treating Lung TB this morning," said Mr Fan excitedly.

"He taught me to make medication from brain marrows of 100 sparrows, and to be consumed in 21 days."

"Then your illness will all be healed."

"I've already bought 100 sparrows and they're at the backyard now."

After hearing what her husband said, Mrs Fan got up angrily.

She started talking but can't help coughing breathlessly:

"In order to save my life, that's to sacrifice the lives of 100 sparrows."

"Hmm!" Mr Fan exclaimed.

Mrs Fan: "I'd rather die of the illness than to do this."

"Chun Mei, help me to the backyard."

Chun Mei: "Yes, madam."

Mr Fan: "Sweetheart, what are you doing?!"

"I just don't want 100 sparrows die because of me," said Mrs Fan.

Chun Mei helped Mrs Fan to the backyard; Mr Fan followed closely.

Mr Fan: "Sweetheart, please don't be angry. Okay, I promise I won't kill them."

Mrs Fan: "No. I have to set them free myself or I'll be worrying about them."

Mrs Fan opened the cages and talked to the sparrows with full of compassion: "Go fly! Go fly! Don't let people catch you again."

One hundred sparrows flew out from cages, chirping loudly and cheerfully.

Mrs Fan saw them leaving; and her face smiling.

They all witnessed the magnificent vibrancy of life forms.

Mr Fan was a bit disappointed:

"Sweetheart, let's get in the house, or you'll get cold again.”

“Please take a good rest. I'm going to the doctor for other medication.”

Mrs Fan: “Hmm, thank you.”

But Mr Fan was worried there might not be better medication to treat her wife.

“Chun Mei! Take special care of madam!”

Chun Mei: “Yes, master.”

As time went by, surprisingly, Mrs Fan got better and was eventually completely healed.

Furthermore, she gave birth to a baby boy the following year.

Mr Fan: “Ha! Look at this baby, smart look with clear eyebrows and sparkling eyes, he must be somebody one day.”

Mrs Fan: “Darling, you see here. There is a birthmark on his arm. Does it look like a sparrow?”

Mr Fan: “Ya! It's so much like a sparrow!”

And Mr Fan said, thoughtfully: "Sweetheart! Do you remember what we did with some sparrows 2 years ago?"

Mrs Fan: "Of course I do."

Mr Fan: "Did this baby come as a result of your kindness to living beings?"

Mrs Fan: "Maybe!"

"I deeply believe in "Accumulate-kindness-one's-family, sure-have-extra-celebration". We must do more good deeds from now on."

The couple looked deeply at the baby in their hands. And they smiled happily.

******************************** ********************************


ji shan zhi jia,
bi you yu qing.


A family that accumulates good deeds will always have extra good health, wealth and happiness.

******************************** ********************************


ren ren xian yu da qi yi,
bu bi xun si mi qiao yi.
jie sha fang sheng ruo zuo de,
yu ru wan ji tian lin er.

Men women all desire reaching expected health,
No need search worry look-for talented doctors.
Abstain killing freeing lives if doing so,
Cure your tough illness getting kirin baby.

Everybody wants to heal and cure their illnesses fast and have a healthy body. There is no need trying so hard to look for talented doctors. If you can stay away from killing living beings and promote freeing lives, you can then cure your illnesses and even be able to bear intelligent and beautiful children.

******************************** ********************************

The message is simple:

Be kind to animals and all living beings,
good fortunes will bestow on you.

Whenever possible, spare and release lives.
Good fortunes and more lives will come back to you.

******************************** ********************************


+) Contributors: Story adapted by 慧长(Hui Zhang); comics drawn by 牧谷(Mu Gu); Comic version presented in 护生漫画集 (Hu Sheng Man Hua Ji, Protect-Lives-Casual-Drawing-Collection or Protection for living beings). English translation by

+) Story: adapted from 故事图说(Gu Shi Tu Shuo; Past stories illustration narration).

+) Quote: "Accumulate-kindness-one's-family, sure-have-extra-celebrations." is from "积善之家,必有余庆." in the book of 周易(Zhou Yi) or 易经(Yi Jing), more known as "I Ching" in the west; an ancient philosophical book in Dynasty Zhou, BC 1066 - BC 256.

+) Names of people/places/events involved: 范(Fan), 清朝(Qing Chao; Qing dynasty, 1644-1911), 京口(Jing Kou) city, 江苏(Jiang Su) province, 放生得福(Fan Shang De Fu; Releasing-lives-gets-fortune).

+) Right and wrong? To seek help or not? It seems I'm going to be in trouble by translating and publishing the poem here in my blog; it will then mean I agree to what it says about not necessary to look for good doctors for medical complications. The fact is that I believe in doing the right things right. The right thing to do in this story is we must not kill the sparrows for their brain marrows as medication. All lives are precious; it's not like we can take others' lives to save ours (Even if we can, that's a bigger price to pay ahead). And the other right thing to do is to seek for medication which is herbal based or which we don't harm living animals. Therefore, at the time we're looking for medical help, we need to ask ourselves: "Am I doing the right things right?" If the initial approach has been wrong and inhumane, how can we expect the outcome be right and beneficial to humanity?

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Mid Autumn and Mid Spring

Mid Autumn and Mid Spring

This time of the year the northern hemisphere is celebrating the period of mid autumn. The Chinese celebrates it on the 15th day of the 8th traditional farming calendar month (A bit like the lunar calendar too). The west will be welcoming the mid autumn roughly on late September. And I suppose many parts of the world where farming is still of importance will happily welcome the mid autumn in different ways and similar time. After all, everyone enjoys harvest during autumn time.

Seasonal change takes place roughly the same time everywhere. And seasonal change is such an important part of traditional farming.

Down at the southern hemisphere, few weeks down the road is the mid spring time. Not sure if there are many people celebrating it. It's more like a forgotten role yet most people are busy pruning and planting seeds ahead of this time to take advantage of the season's great potential growth.

Autumn is the harvesting time; spring is the cultivating time. The mood, of course, will be very different. Comparing to one's life span, it's like seeing someone appreciating harvest at the age of 55 and some others adventuring into adulthood at the age of 15.

So it takes turn. The teenager eventually will grow into 50s and 60s. And the elderly uncle will shred his piece of old body and move on to some other realms? And coming back as new born creature? That is, if you believe in reborn or reincarnation...

Spring, then summer, then autumn, then winter. Then what's next? Spring again... summer again, and the cycle goes on and on. It's been like this probably as long as lives existed. So it seems living creatures do come and go...

And we celebrate all things seasonal every year too.


What am I trying to say? I guess what I'm trying to bring across is: Things come and things go in a pattern of cycles. We human beings need to recognize them and live according to the law of nature. Ha.

Oh, before I really truly forget, some people believe the ultimate goal is to break free from the cycle of lives; to be free from seasonal change, for example. Ha.


PS: Many times I myself don't know what and why I'm writing on something. This piece is most likely one of those. Thank you so much for your time.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ants move house

Ants move house

This is children's naughty act? Small stools lined up as road barriers blocking pedestrians? Or some sorts of children games? The boy and the girl use stools acting like daytime soap series? For behaviours of children, many adults who are busy making a living usually don't care, don't notice, don't understand about what children do.

Oh you, busy walking by, please bend down your body and take a good look. Underneath the row of stools is a team of living life force full of discipline and marching spirits. Ants are moving family/house! Up front are leaders with sharp destination in mind; no distractions get in the way. And follow by soldier ants of strong forces, many of whom carry heavy loads of grains.

These two children are setting up corridors from stools in order to protect the ants crossing the middle of the street safely. In the world of tens of thousands of climatic scenarios, there are many 'normal scenes' which get ignored by human beings. And thus many small and minute lives get jeopardized. In the journey of life, the weak life forms need to be protected. And that the sacred hearts of children, and children's behaviours that are full of love and care, need more nurture and encouragement!

Please praise and encourage children games such as this one that helps ants move house!

+) Comic: Comic drawn by the late Mr. 丰子恺 / 豐子愷 (FENG Zi Kai) in his book 《护生画集》; hu sheng hua ji; Protecting-lives-drawing-collections. Original writing in the comic: 蚂蚁搬家, Ma-Yi Ban Jia, "Ants Move Family/House".
+) Writing: Original writing in Chinese edited by 宋慧燕 (SONG Hui Yan), Sin Chew Plus, July 20th, 2011, of Sin Chew Daily, a Malaysian daily newspaper in Chinese language.
+) Translation: By John Lew, trying to keep the original tones and grammar patterns intact.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Materialism versus Idealism

Materialism versus Idealism

Life's short. Time passed fast. Before Johnny knew it, he had to, in a way, decide if he should opt for the passion of his life, which was music, or the cruel reality of sustainable living, in a big monetary city.

In fact, he wasn't given a choice. Coming from a relatively underprivileged family meant that he could only give in to the reality.

He would have very much liked to strive for a balance. He tried, but he was too young to be skillful in it. He failed miserably. In the end, he became so stressful and turned insane...

... ...

Stress is a phenomena taking place everywhere, all the time. We should learn to understand how it arises and deal with it.

Do you know how your stress comes around? The nature of it? And what are your solutions?

Comic strip from Johnny the Moron,

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Six patterns not treatable

In my practice of traditional medicine, I've come to realize quite many factors are involved in the recovery of sickness and illnesses. We all know there are many illnesses and sicknesses about body of human beings. How diseases develop and change is getting more and more complicated. Methods to treat or cure, however, are not that many and far reaching. Therefore if factors such as attitude, mindset, living lifestyle, diets and others can be of positive and appropriate ones, recovery of course will turn out to be better, and faster.

If certain factors are not cooperative, it will be difficult to help/treat/cure...

According to 扁鵲(Bian Que), there are six scenarios/situations/patterns in which it's not easy to treat and must be approached with great care:

Title: 六不治, Liu Bu Zhi, Six-(patterns/traits)-not-(easily)-treatable










In PinYin pronunciation:

1. Jiao Zi Bu Lun Yu Li, Yi Bu Zhi Ye;

2. Qing Shen Zhong Cai, Er Bu Zhi Ye;

3. Yi Shi Bu Neng Shi, San Bu Zhi Ye;

4. Yin Yang Bing, Zang Qi Bu Ding, Si Bu Zhi Ye;

5. Xing Lei Bu Neng Fu Yao, Wu Bu Zhi Ye;

6. Xin Wu Bu Xin Yi, Liu Bu Zhi Ye.

You Ci Yi Zhe, Ze Zhong Nan Zhi Ye.


1. Arrogant attitude not rationalized on truth, one not (easily) treatable thus;

2. Ignore body emphasize money, two not (easily) treatable thus;

3. Clothes diets not able suitable, three not (easily) treatable thus;

4. Yin Yang conflict, organs energy not stable, four not (easily) treatable thus;

5. Shape weak can not take herbs, five not (easily) treatable thus;

6. Trust witchcraft not trust medicine, six not (easily) treatable thus;

Got any one these, then hard difficult treatable thus.



1. People who are arrogant, stubborn and spoilt and who refuse to be rational; it's not easy to treat them. These people may not cooperate in changes of lifestyle and diets. And their mindset so strongly fixed it's hard to share with them some other useful perspectives. Some could have been taking modern chemicals for many years and walk in to ask if the traditional medicine can 'fix' their chronic illnesses in two weeks, for example. Some always believe branded names and luxurious presentations; many ended up over doing surgery or operations, and some having their organs removed at some 5-star public-listed hospitals. And after which they turn to traditional medicine for help after all the invasive and removal surgeries... And many times they expect the side effects or the original illnesses can be 'fixed'in two weeks..., for example. For such people, with lack of rationale, it's not easy to treat them.

2. People who ignore their bodies but emphasize on making money; it's not easy to treat them. There are quite a number of people who craze with materialistic possessions to the extend they may not know the value behind physical possessions and therefore they don't know how to use money as tools for something more useful than physical world. Being too busy with making money and thus having too little time to listen to their bodies need (or family's or friends' need) is always a problem itself. There are also some people who are too stingy to spend money on medical need; an extra figure in their banks make more sense than a healthy body. For such people, a discount of 50 percents of the medical cost may be more helpful than the actual treatment itself. For such people, who don't know the true value of monetary sense, their illnesses are difficult to treat.

3. People who don't wear appropriate clothing or eat proper diets and herbs (and live a proper lifestyle); it's not easy to treat their diseases and illnesses. Revealing too much body parts can be more prone to windness and coldness, especially during autumn and winter, for example. People are also conditioned to take cold and icy drinks; and some women don't bother to reduce them before and during menstruation and thus menstrual pain and some pre-menstrual syndrome persist, for another example. Some work in the evening and at night shifts; the body clock has some hard time adjusting to activity at night. People who work at night will bound to have heaty liver and low immune system. Some inappropriateness is due to ignorance, some due to free will to indulgence, some due to the hardship of making ends meet...

4. People whose body have conflicts in Yin and Yang, plus whose energy of internal organs isn't stable; it's not easy to treat them. There are people with lots of conflicts among internal organs in terms of physical substances and functionality. And some organs can be weak too from chronic battles with illnesses and with each other. It's analogous to a person whose family members are fighting each other and lots of enemies outside too. It's chaotic and it's obviously a difficult situation. When the equilibrium between physical substances and their functionality is broken, plus the invasion of external pathogens, it's difficult to treat the problem.

5. People whose body are too weak to take herbs; it's not easy to treat them. This happens to people whose stomach and spleen functions are so weak they can't help to take it and digest and absorb the efficacy of foods or herbs. It'll take a very long time to treat such cases. It can be equally long to use acupuncture/tuina to treat because the body, too, reacts very slowly to external stimulants into the body. For such people, they have to start taking very original, simple and organic foods to have a good start to recover their spleen and stomach functions, before other organs can benefit from it.

6. People who believe in witchcraft but not in medicine; it's not easy to treat them. There are people who believe much more in deities or spirits, be they up there in heaven or down there in hell. Even though I talk about the relationship of body, mind and soul with my patients, I tend not to get into the soul part. I believe we are who we are by the way we think, talk, interact, and act with choice. And therefore we should just do our parts well on earth. There are situations, however, I do share my thoughts on souls with someone I suspect involves beyond physical or mental problems.

For anyone who's found to have one of the scenario, it's quite difficult to treat and must be approached with great care.

In short, those that aren't rational and don't take care of their bodies well are not easy to treat.

If I may add some of my own ideas of 'difficult cases' or 'not-easily-treatable cases', I'd say:

7. People that indulge themselves in desires (Seeing beauty, tasting great foods, smelling sweet scents, hearing sexy voices, touching softness and sophistication) especially the sexual pleasure; it's not easy to treat their illnesses. All indulgence in senses exhaust energy, depending which organs is more responsible over which senses. Over activity in sex reduces original kidney qi, the kidney energy, which is the ultimate reservoir of all energies. When it's not sufficient, all functions of other organs go down dramatically.

8. People who want only fast relief or simple ways out; it's not easy to treat their medical problems. Fast reliefs are usually symptomatic relief, they hardly target on the real internal problems that give rise to the illnesses. Similarly, people who are impatient or just look for 'miraculous' cure; it's difficult to help either.

9. People who have yet to find a balance of things and issues; it's not easy to treat their diseases. These people tend to blame most things on others and create unnecessary conflicts and dismays in life. They may also over worry or be lustful over materialistic items. There are also people who think they can plan most things like 20 years ahead but then ignore how to live to the fullest these very days. When a balance isn't there, the mind will be occupied by tedious things in life and lose her main direction. Mind is more powerful than the body... in a way. Please strive to strike a balance of things and issues.

10. The list goes on; but the not-so crucial ones let's not worry about them. And some of them overlap too. Remember, live at this very moment.

Now, do we still wonder why there are so many difficult-to-treat illnesses in the world?

Or care to shed your own ideas of how things can be better dealt with?


- The writing's from 六不治(Liu Bu Zhi; Six-Not-Treatable) of 扁鵲(Bian Que), recorded by 司馬遷(SiMa Qian) in his historical records of 《史記》(Shi Ji; History Record; Historical and literature records from roughly 3000 B.C. to 122 B.C., in China). According to what Mr. SiMa wrote, Bian Que lived during the era of 春秋(Chun Qiu; Spring Autumn; 770 B.C. - 476 B.C.), practiced medicine in countries of (Qi) and (Zhao). Bian Que's stories span a time frame of a few hundred years (A debate questioned by many scholars to be comprising of many reasons). A small section of the the book 《史記》 recorded Bian Que's exceptional (and miraculous and unbelievable) therapeutic skills.

- The Chinese characters are in old/complicated versions to reflect the original feel.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Treating Illnesses and diseases with herbs and acupuncture

Illnesses and diseases that I treat with herbs and acupuncture

Some patients have been asking why I don't have a page of medical services available for reference. They'd like to refer to some 'list of illnesses' treatable well with herbal or acupuncture medical treatments. I remember I once wrote a page of diseases recognized by WHO to be treatable with acupuncture a long while ago.

And so I decided to write a page of diseases I treat in my clinical practice.

Below are some illness and diseases which I use herbs and acupuncture for treatments. The names of illnesses and symptoms are simply put and some simple explanations, if necessary, follow. And as a result they're more like phrases; I beg your pardon.

In short, the table of contents is as:

- [Menstruation related]:
- [Vaginal discharge related]:
- [Pregnancy/ Pre-natal related]:
- [Post-natal related]:
- [Other gynecological illnesses]:

- [Common illnesses]:
- [Seasonal illnesses]:
- [Miscellaneous]:
- [Newborn illnesses]:

(Internal Medicine):
- [Lungs]:
- [Heart]:
- [Stomach-gastrointestinal]:
- [Liver and gallbladder]:
- [Kidneys and bladder systems]:
- [Diseases related to Men]:
- [Treatments related to Women]:
- [Illnesses related to endocrine system]:
- [Diseases and illnesses related to energy, blood, and fluids]:
- [Illnesses related to limbs and meridians]:

- [Illnesses related to bones and joints]:
- [Diseases related to skins]:

FOOTNOTE: (Some clarifications...)
- [Consultation process]:
- [Other illnesses and diseases?]
- [Cure or treatments or both?]
- [Treatment methods]:
- [Are the needles or the herbs safe?]
- [Treatment course/time]:
- [Cancer patients or not?]
- [Drop me questions?]:



- [Menstruation related]: Menstrual period can be early, late or alternating in between. And the amount of bleeding can be little, or more. There are times period is prolonged and dragging. There can be bleeding in between two proper menstrual periods (dysfunctional uterine bleeding). Prolonged and severe cases lead to over-bleeding of menstruation or absence of menstrual period (Amenorrhea).

And of course one of the quite common complaint is period pain (Dysmenorrhea). Endometriosis is one of the causes. And there are a few different body types that contribute to it.

There are many different patterns of pre-menstrual tension syndromes (PMS). Some continue during the menstruation. Among them are: fever, headache, dizziness, body aches, nausea, diarrhea, energy bloating (a form of body swelling), breast distention/tenderness, painful nipples, emotional upsurge, mouth ulcers, hives and body dryness.

Pelvic inflammatory disease too.

And there are climacteric syndromes (menopause) for ladies getting to year of 49 years old, plus and minus.

- [Vaginal discharge related]: Vaginitis; infection or not, yeast related, bacteria etc. The color and time of occurring is important clues. Some are related to cervical inflammation and even pelvic infection.

- [Pregnancy/ Pre-natal related]: Illnesses of pregnancy related problems differ greatly depending on body types. This is why even the more experienced ladies in giving birth can't understand why things can be so different with different pregnancies. Anyway, I mostly treat nausea, lower abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, lower lumbar pain, lower abdominal unease. The vaginal bleeding, lower lumbar pain and lower abandonment pain can lead to threatened abortion. They can be early symptoms of miscarriage. Great care must be taken to ensure the continuation of pregnancy. There are ladies who have had abortions (forced or voluntary) for a few times and who have difficulty continuing any pregnancy or who have difficulty getting pregnant again.

There is also case of slow growth of fetus. Other symptoms seen are nausea and vomiting (upsurge of stomach gas), water retention; those that are related to high blood pressure are energy or water retention coupled with dizziness and seizure. Cases with too much or too little amniotic fluid.

Most TCM clinics are not equipped for acute cases (unless you're in TCM hospitals in China, where they practice modern and traditional medicine hand in hand), so please only visit TCM practitioners or acupuncturists for chronic treatments or after A&E treatments.

There are cases of urinary tract infections and coughing during pregnancy. They're not strictly pregnancy related illness but they occur quite common among pregnant ladies. So I see them quite a lot too in my practice.

Toward the trimester some ladies may have improper baby position. In common words we say the head isn't going downward or doesn't go into the pelvis cavity; we may either do acupuncture or herbs or both to help. Sometimes there are overdue cases too.

Those that I don't mention are not commonly seen in my practice; they're usually taken care by modern medicine. It's important to know when to use what.

Uterus fibroid (6cm or smaller), poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), Infertility.

- [Post-natal related]: Loitering vaginal bleeding can be observed. Feverish muscle ache is also common. Some ladies with weak body may have dizziness. There are cases of lower abdomen pain and body aching. Losing too much blood can also cause muscle cramping. Urinary blockage/retention or incontinence can take place. Constipation may also occur after pregnancy.

There are those who're breast-feeding may ask to have more milk supply. Vice versa, there are also ladies who ask to have their milk supply stopped. Some ladies develop breast inflammation, partly due to improper breastfeeding.

- [Other gynecological illnesses]: Infertility is commonly seen in my clinical practice. Fallopian tubes may be blocked and other reasons as well. Lower abdomen pain of either or both sides is common too. There are cases of uterine fibroid and ovaries cysts. Sexual dysfunctional problems and low sexual libido.

Breast inflammation; acute or chronic with multiple nodules of hyperplasia of breasts (mammary glands).

There is also depression due to menstrual periods, pregnancies, post-natal, and menopause.

Among those involve vagina are vaginal itchiness, vaginal infection, 'vaginal farting', swollen and pain in vagina or labia areas.


- [Common illnesses]: Cough is among the most common symptom. It can be an isolated illness or just one of the symptoms of other illnesses. Flu or common cold is next. Feverish symptom is another symptom common to many illnesses. There are plenty of cases of asthma, acute or chronic. And that asthmatic cough due to lung infections sometimes seen. Mouth ulcers are common too.

Those related closely to stomach and spleen systems are: nausea/vomiting, infantile diarrhea, abdominal pain, poor appetite, food stagnation, malnutrition, seizure, epilepsy, and so on.

- [Seasonal illnesses]: There are cases of flu/common cold, measles, German measles (Rubella), chicken pox, heat stroke and etc.

- [Miscellaneous]: There are cases of bet-wetting (Enuresis) and frequent urination, night crying. Occasionally there are babies or children who sweat a lot or have palm sweating. Others are growth problem involving hair, speech, teeth. There are also cases of weak limps, legs and muscles.

- [Newborn illnesses]: Jaundice is among the number 1 problem I see in newborn. Then there are indigestion, phlegmy breath, constipation, chronic mild fever and so on. Babies with G6PD-Deficiency must avoid six (6) distinct herbs in the prescription.

(Internal Medicine):

- [Lungs]: Among the common illnesses I treat are coughs, bronchial asthma, common cold (wind heat or wind cold or others) and influenza. Other lungs related symptoms are: persistent cough (whooping cough-like), coughing with blood, nose allergy/rhinitis/ sinusitis, sore throat with infections and etc. Many symptoms caused by bronchitis and pneumonia can be treated. Chronic cough with tuberculosis-like patterns are actually on the rise too. Heat stroke can be seen too.

Herbal and acupuncture treatments for quitting smoking are provided too.

Related to nose are: rhinitis (chronic, allergic), nasal polyp, nosebleed.

- [Heart]: Insomnia is definitely more seen. Palpitation, chest pain, or numbness around the upper chest are common. These symptoms may be caused by cardiac arrhythmia, some coronary heart diseases. Some dizziness/giddiness are related to heart problem too. Stroke or its side effect with half body paralysis is treated. Epilepsy, mostly the primary one, is treated. More and more emotional illnesses are showing; among them the depression, mood or stress-related disorders. Schizophrenia is treated. High blood pressure (hypertension) and low blood pressure (hypotension) are common too. Bad memory.

- [Stomach-gastrointestinal]: Stomach ache (acute or chronic gastritis), upper bloated sensation (some by reflux problem, or functional indigestion), lower abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting (or food poisoning related), hiccup, burping, diarrhea (or enteritis or dysentery), and constipation. Symptoms shown by IBS, hemorrhage of gastrointestinal nature, mal-absorption can be treated. Bad breath.

Some forms of internal bleeding are closely related to spleen system. Body slimming is a common request these days. Breast enhancement too.

- [Liver and gallbladder]: Jaundice related to viral hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, gall stone formation, gallbladder infections. Fatty liver, metabolic illnesses related to diet. Side chest pain, the hypochondrium, one-sided or both sides, again it's related to many illnesses involving liver, gallbladder; some is about the nerve system around the area. Symptoms related to herpes zoster. Malaria-like fever is categorized here too.

- [Kidneys and bladder systems]: Edema, or simply water retention, urinary tract infection (UTI), or stones in the urinary tract, blood in urine (hematuria), bubbles in urine, frequent urination (may or may not be related to Diabetes), incontinence, difficulty in urination, and so on.

Related to ears (Kidneys' opening is at the ears; TCM theory is special huh?) are: Meniere's disease, ear ringing (tinnitus), middle ear infection (Otitis Media).

- [Diseases related to Men]: Infertility issues such as lack of sperms, non-liquefaction of semen, teratozoospermia (structural deformation), dead sperms. Sexual impotence (prostate related or not, and/or erectile dysfunction ED), premature ejaculation, nocturnal emissions, prospermia (premature ejaculation) and also symptoms related to prostate enlargement and prostatitis.

- [Treatments related to Women]: Breast enlargement/enhancement, body slimming.

- [Illnesses related to endocrine system]: Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, simple goiter are quite common in clinical practice. Occasionally some cases with hyper-cortisol-ism for people who have been on corticosteroid drug for some time... More often than not I'm treating the side-effects more than the disease itself...

- [Diseases and illnesses related to energy, blood, and fluids]: Depression (also a heart related problem), blood issues (nose bleeding, gum bleeding, coughing blood, vomiting blood, blood in stool, blood in urine (pinky or blood threads, or red blood cells microscopically), skin purpura), perspiration issues (involuntary sweating, hyperhidrosis, night sweating), Diabetes Mellitus (frequent urination, lots of water drinking, lots of foods intake), internal fever (chronic fever of various causes), chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity.

- [Illnesses related to limbs and meridians]: Headache (including migraine, and internal or external related), paralysis, rheumatism, muscle atrophy, spasm, tremor, lumbar pain and etc. Some symptoms shown by rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis can be treated accordingly. Occasional some cases of facial spasm, sciatica.


- [Illnesses related to bones and joints]: Cervical spondylosis, osteoporosis, shoulder periarthritis, neck soft tissue injury, waist sprain (acute and chronic).

- [Diseases related to skins]: Eczema, urticaria/hives, psoriasis, herpes zoster, acne, hair loss.


FOOTNOTE: (Some clarifications...)

- [Consultation process]: Regardless of the main and secondary complaints, many symptoms will be consulted for determining the body type. Usually the below will be inquired upon: Temperature adjustment, cough, breathing, thirst, the upper or lower abdomens, appetite and favorite foods or drinks, perspiration, the head or alertness, energy level, stamina or fatigue, bowel motion, urination, retention of energy or water, and etc. Some people find this weird as TCM doctors seem to be asking irrelevant questions about the main complaint. Actually they're very relevant to knowing the body type/syndrome, which is usually the cause of the type that causes the main or secondary complaints.

- [Other illnesses and diseases?] Those diseases or illnesses not listed above may still be consulted; if I have no confidence in helping even for the first time I'd guide the patients to somewhere or someone more professional. TCM treats diseases and illnesses especially those involve complex and complicated causes. It's no surprise to see patients with unknown or rare situations looking for help.

- [Cure or treatments or both?] Often time patients and friends and family members of patients ask me if there is a cure to his or her illness. Depending on the illnesses, sometimes there's no cure and lousy treatment results; sometimes there are treatments with good control of symptoms; and sometimes there can be complete cures. The list above are the illnesses or symptoms I use herbs and/or acupuncture for treatments; the efficacy or the result depends on many other factors yet to be determined individually.

- [Treatment methods]: Herbs are to be prescribed and taken orally. Acupuncture with needles on points and meridians where they interact with our internal organs to achieve a desired state of body. Sometimes I prescribe washable liquids (herbal based) for washing or flushing on skin diseases, vagina related cleansing. On top of these, advices on diet, living lifestyle and even mental adjustments are shared based on individual body and mind, usually after I get to know the particular patient better.

- [Are the needles or the herbs safe?] Yes, they are and No, they are not; depending on how you define “safe”. If you're asking about hygiene, yes, they are safe. Needles used are pre-sterilized, one-time and disposable, never reused on the same patient or different patients. Herbs are GMP grade condensed extract of the real herbs. So they're safe in this regard. If a physician prescribes them (the combinations of herbs, or the needle prescription or the manipulation methods) not so appropriately, the patient may experience some side effects. So are they safe? Yes, they are, if the doctor does it right.

- [Treatment course/time]: How long it takes to solve the problem? It depends. For acute cases such as common cold, it may take 3 days, or slight longer. For some not so stubborn constipation, 3 weeks may be good enough. For regulation of menstrual cycles, it usually takes 3 months and above. So, whether it's 3 days, or 3 weeks or 3 months or even 3 years, it depends on the nature of the illnesses and the body type of ours. Oh, by the way, for most cases some forms of diet change, lifestyle change or even mental adjustment maybe necessary.

- [Cancer patients or not?] Hardly take cancer patients because of a few reasons: (-) If it's been operated upon and main tumor removed; herbs are only/mainly used to treat the heaty body (usually dry and heaty) left behind by chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy procedures. (-) I don't have much experience in it. (-) I don't look old enough to convince people I'm experienced in cancer treatments; even if I desperately want to. (-) I'd usually recommend them to other more qualified TCM doctors who specialize in cancer treatments/post-cancer operation treatments.

- [Drop me questions?]: Please do.