Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Harmony of home and nature

Harmony of home and nature


Home at evening sun river up village,
one curvy flowing water coils wooden door.
Plant comes pine trees taller than house,
lend with spring animals raise children grandchildren.

jia zhu xi yang jiang shang cun,
yi wan liu shui rao chai men.
zhong lai song shu gao yu wu,
jie yu chun qin yang zi sun.

* * * * *

My dream home is the one located at the upper part of river in the village. Preferably with beautiful sunset view too.

The river flows just nearby and it's convenient to get the fresh river water through the wooden door of the house.

Next, there are a few pine trees taller than the house; providing good foods for animals in the spring to raise and nourish their next generations. What a dream home this is!

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* * * * *

+) Comic: Comic drawn and poem written by the late Mr. 丰子恺 / 豐子愷 (FENG Zi Kai / FENG Zikai).
+) Mr. Feng's comics are simple and neat, not so much color tones yet the concepts are well represented. I hope those who like his comics will also read more of his writings; quite many are sympathetic and caring about the world and beings. People like him, who settles for nothingness and simple life, are scarse these days.
+) Translation: John Lew.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We're ALL chained.

We're ALL chained.

“I'm so tired...”

“...but I can't stop...”

“I can only go with the flow...”


People are caught in cycle, a vicious cycle that goes round and round without kind exits. We can only move on; because there are people in front of us (they drag us forward) and there are people behind us (they push us forward) that keep moving on. We're all the same; for we're all caught in line.

CHAINED. An invisible chain. CHORES. Many meaningless chores.

Like it or not, we can only move on.

Oh, is this the right thing to do? Or are they just bad habits? Unpleasant but necessary? I have a feeling something isn't very right. Why do I keep doing THIS? And THAT? And all so many of THESE? And THOSE?

This goes on until the day we go away from our pathetic lives... And probably even then, we're still caught the same.

You can slow down. You can be sick. You can complain and curse. You can even be dead.

But our bodies and souls will move on – in line. For our bodies, and minds, and souls are already long chained on together with the rest of the people around us.

How many sunrises and sunsets to be leveled?
How many new moons and full moons to be silhouetted?
How many more springs and autumns to be witnessed? - before we can be set free.

MOST forms of resistance are useless.

Most? Ya. Most. There are very few solutions.

Now the question: How do I break this bad cycle? How do I free myself?

My head spins... And good luck to all of us!


PS: It surely sounds like a very sad story, doesn't it? No, it's not! It's actually meant to be a positive comical reminder of what we're doing everyday – that some of us may have doubts about the directions of things going.