Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Goodbye, my daughter, Moon.

Goodbye, Xinyue Moon.

Today is the 100th day passing on of my little daughter, Moon.

I hope Moon as a human being has passed on well. She stayed with us for 15 months as my daughter. She's lovable and laughed all the time. It's been a short while since she passed away; it's not easy to accept what happened.

I wish to express my thanks and appreciation to all doctors, nurses, and hospital personnels. And to relatives, friends, and well wishers for their kind assistance, attendance, messages of condolences, floral attribution, contributions and wreaths.

“The past remains the past and unchangeable.
Memory hopefully can be some beautiful ones.
The future remains unknown and to be seen.
I wish we're full of courage to move on.”


Some messages of kindness and well wishes:


Treasure the brief great memories and look forward. Be strong and positive. May her soul rest in peace and she's in safe hands, and no more sufferings.

Little Moon smiled when we put flowers on her... A better place she must be at now...

Smooth roads never make good drivers;
smooth sea never makes good sailors;
clear skies never makes good pilots.
Problem and hassle free life NEVER makes a strong person.
Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life.


当我们把花儿放满歆月身边时,她脸带笑容... 她一定是到了一个好地方...


God takes away soonest those He loves most.

We are with you through this passing times. May little Moon rest in peace.


The loss is sad and sorrow and empty...

We have the power to choose even during extreme challenges and horrible illnesses. We can always choose the positive over the negative. We can forgive and let go of our resentment. We can experience gratitude for what's still there in our lives in spite of what's gone.

Nothing's more painful. Be strong.

Faham you punye hati dan perasaan. Sempati dan sayang. Ucapkan takziah ok...

What a sadness, what a sorrow... No words to express my condolence...

Sweet memories hurt sometimes...

We are so fragile beings. And we should all be more humble, because there are so many things we don't know and we never will. That force that brings us in this world... Oh, we are so ignorant, so small above big heavens. Hope that we may become better people with every experience...

Banyakkan bersabar ye. Tuhan lebih menyayangi Moon.

God will make a way for all of us. Thank you and thank God.

She's now free from all the needles and tubes.. She's become an angel...


Dear Xinyue,

We tried very hard to keep you with us; we didn't do very well. I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

Papa love you; and always will.

Goodbye, Xinyue. Thank you for coming into my life. Papa will always have you in my heart, and remember your first call of papa. Wherever you are, do all the good deeds and stay away from the bad ones. Have heart. Be patient. Move on. Go be a better being. Take care.

From papa