Monday, December 31, 2018

Happier, Healthier, Wealthier, Wiser

My dear friends, I wish us all

Wealthy &
Wise New Year!

How to be happier? Make people happy and peaceful, then we become so. To listen to them, to share their burdens and stress. Free them from suffering and pain.

To be healthier? Help others healthier. Share natural organic ideas in strengthening body righteous immune system. Help people reduce dependency on artificial chemicals and hormones. Stay away from toxic drugs and addictions. Reduce or cut off heavily tainted animal foods.

To be wealthier? Help the less fortunate people than us to prosper, to help them support their livelihoods and family. Work in conscientious industries and away from unscrupulous businesses.

To be wiser? Help people to see the connection and balance of body, mind and souls. To see the ultimate aim of individual existence. To free people of fear of unknowns... Help humans to understand the journey of life and death...

All in all, we work for people not for ourselves. If we just work for ourselves it doesn't manifest into "cause and effect" actions; and thus nothing comes back to us. Surely that doesn't sound good as 'us' is part of human beings.

Remember, and see it clear that:

- What goes around comes around. And vice versa.
- Prevention is always better than treatments/cure. Most of the time there's no cure, for other time treatments aren't good approaches and likely come with adverse side effects.
- To give is always better than to get; how lucky and blessed we are to be able to offer our helping hands.

My dear friends, I wish us all

Wealthier &
Wiser New Year!

And now we know what to do to get there!

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