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Moon phase and menstrual cycle

Moon phase and menstrual cycle

Menstrual cycle in Chinese language is ‘moon period 月经’. As you can easily understand from the individual word, it means periodic cycle inline with the moon phase. Another name for menstruation is ‘letter from the moon 月信’. The moon periodically sends letters to ladies for them to perceive the signal (When to ovulate and menstruate). And yet another name for it is ‘moon water 月水’. Somehow it seems to connect menstruation with tides. Moon phase is about 28 days. So it’s believed that every extremely healthy woman should have their menstrual cycle that is close to 28 days. Well, nobody is perfect these days. Therefore the modern view is that as long as the cycle is from 25 to 35 days, it is normal and healthy.

Oh, by the way, “The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine《黄帝内经》” described menstrual period as ‘the story of the moon 月事’. This book dates back some more than 2,000 years old. And it’s considered the bible of TCM. Story of the moon? What story you may ask. Story of the yin () fluid of moon with that of feminine side of women.

There’s a research done by German team on the effect of moon phase and menstruation that revealed the amount of menses is double when the menstruation takes place during full moon compared with that during the new moon.

Well, you may ask moon phase comes with full moon and new moon, then what’s the ‘full moon’ and ‘new moon’ for our ladies’ menstrual cycle? Well, the answer is simple. Full moon is the time when we’re ovulating; and new moon is the time menses come. It’s pretty much like those werewolves who change themselves during full moon. These werewolves’ inner hormones are in perfect tune with the yin (female side) of the nature. I’ve seen quite a number of women who have their menstrual cycle just like the moon phase. Their menses come when it hits new moon. And it’s time for ovulation when the beautiful full moon is up there nurturing the mother earth. Yes. I know. I do keep track of moon phase simply because I practice Chinese lunar calendar everyday besides the modern calendar (The 1st and 15th day of Chinese lunar calendar correspond exactly to new moon and full moon respectively every month).

Amazing, isn’t it? There is so much more to learn from the Mother Nature. The relationship between the moon and the health of human beings will always be the topic of investigation.

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