Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Problems of Animals as Food

Animals, their characteristics and contra-indications as food:

It's common to talk about food and how her role plays an important part in human's health, in my daily practice. It's been a long while so I decided to put things a little in writing.

The following lists down the nature of certain animals and if consumed, how they may give rise to certain symptoms and illnesses.


PORK/PIG/SWINE: Sour and sweet, neutral; May cause obesity/fatness/plummy body, diarrhea.

CATTLE/BEEF/COW: Sweet, neutral to warm; May cause over-craving, obesity and fat retention. Makes the blood warm, body odor.

MUTTON/GOAT/SHEEP/LAMB: Sweet, warm; Causes fever, body heat, severe constipation,lower pelvic inf, and body odour.

DEER: Sweet, warm; May cause fever and overheating.

DOG: Sweet, salty, and warm; May cause sore throat, bladder and lower abdomen inflammation, bladder retention.

CAT: Sweet, sour, warm; May elevate skin disorders, cause blood stasis.

RABBIT: Sweet, cool; May cause stomach wind, diarrhea, stomach indigestion.

CHICKEN/NUGGETS: Sweet,warm, dry; Over digestion, cough, constipation, skin disorders, dry skins, sore throat.

BLACK CHICKEN: Sweet, neutral; Causes constipation, indigestion/greasiness.

DUCK: Sweet, salty, neutral to a bit cool; Causes joints pain/stiffness, indigestion, water retention, vertigo.

GOOSE: Sweet, neutral; Obesity, heavy sensation, indigestion.

PIGEON: Sweet, salty, neutral to warm; May cause dragging period.

SPARROW: Sweet, warm; May cause lower pelvic inflammation, difficulty in urination, constipation.

SNAKE: Sweet, salty, warm: Feverish sensation, headache.


FISH (Majority of them): Sweet, warm; Causes phlegm formation, vertigo, fatness, frequent urination.

SHRIMP: Sweet, warm; Allergic reaction, May cause fever, nipple discharge, asthma.

CRAB: Salty, cold; Induces early miscarriage, internal bleeding, skin allergies, asthmatic symptoms.

CLAM: Sweet, salty, cold; Indigestion, lower coldness.

ABALONE: Salty, neutral; May cause stomach upset, frequent urination.


COW'S MILK: Sweet, neutral; May cause diarrhea, plain taste in mouth, skin allergy, stomach indigestion.

GOAT'S MILK: Sweet, warm; May cause diarrhea, mild body heat.

CHICKEN'S EGG: Sweet, neutral; May cause high cholesterol, cough, overall allergic reactions.

DUCK'S EGG: Sweet, cool; Causes cough (especially external cold type), heavy body, high cholesterol.


It's easy to see why humans like to eat animals; they're almost all SWEET in nature. This has a great appeal to humans whose taste buds are strong. On top of that, good culinary cooking with herbal spices has enhanced the appetizing appeal of animals products, without which humans probably  won't eat animals raw and bloody fleshy. In clinical practice, however, animals as food poses as the MOST problematic contributing factor to illnesses and diseases. It's no surprise that illness and diseases these days are hard to be alleviated, treated, or cured.


*Common skin disorders caused by eating animals: Hives, eczema, sensitive skin, dryness.

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