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Charitable works / Doing good deeds

Charitable works / Doing good deeds

These days I'm enjoying, or rather obsessed and possessed by, the thoughts of “cause and effect”. And would like to share with all of us the benefits of give-and-take, and charitable works below: [The ones in brackets is my own interpretation]


Doing good deeds in time can prevent our thoughts from stemming corrupted ideas.
Those who delay charitable works find themselves constantly in contact with bad deeds.
[Constant work keeps our mind and conscience cleaned. The reward of serving is peace of mind that attracts similar peaceful events.]

No one can avoid death; we should do as many good deeds when we are around.
It's analogous to planting a baby tree in front of our house, nourishing her everyday, growing bigger and flourishing into big tree, and then you and even your children and grandchildren and the next generation of human beings can rest well underneath.

Do not under estimate small charities; and wrongfully believe that small charities will not yield great returns.
Small charities, if done everyday for months and years, kept accumulated, enable the whole of you be covered in great luck and fantastic returns.

Be tolerant in the crowd of angry people;
Be mild and gentle in the crowd of fierce people;
Be philanthropic in the crowd of greedy people.
[It's all so obvious people are greedy. An individual can be very unselfish but a group of people gathered for materialistic causes will always be greedy. This is the time we must be giving; when many others are greedy.]

Do not do any bad deeds.
Cultivate good deeds and the heart of compassion.
Cleanse the thoughts.

Rich people should help poor people, with hearts of compassion.
Poor people should learn the value of life, open the hearts, and strive to do charitable works to change the fates.
[Remember that no small giving is too small. It's not like we have to wait until we become millionaires to do something good for other people. Start now. Start today. No matter how small, or in what forms. Smile and make people happy!]

Doing things, if it's with a kind and helping thought, will help us to bridge closer relationship with people who used to distance us;
Doing things, on the other hand, if it's with the thought of hurting people, will distance people as close as our mothers and fathers from us and create common hatred.
[Thoughts matter. Be kind in and out.]

Rich people must learn:
Tens of thousands of angels money is;
Tens of thousand of devils money is, too.
Use it righteously, we build lucky foundations.
Use it evilly, we build bad obstacles.
If we can deduct a penny of self-use, add a penny of sharing, good luck may not be seen fairing, yet bad luck will diminish by itself.
Add a flavor of stinginess, and we may think we have gotten advantage. Once fallen in disaster, all the possessions will be gone. The tiny gain of being stingy will not be worth it. Too late to regret.
[The rich should act fast and huge. For the able people not acting kind is more sinful than those not-so-able ones.]

There are three kinds of treasures in life:
- We CAN rob them in life; CAN'T bring them with us when we die: Gold, silver and precious stones.
- We CAN'T rob them in life; CAN'T bring them with us either when we die: Intelligence, wisdom and ability.
- We CAN'T rob them in life; CAN bring them with us when we die: Good deeds and merits.

Those with THICK merits, be born in happy heaven.
Those with THIN merits, be born in miserable poverty.
[If our merits are thin or thick enough, we may see changes, be they negative or positive, almost immediately.]


The writing is translated from chapter 12 of the brochure “Intelligent Lamp of the Heart” which is originally in Chinese language. There are a total of 29 chapters in the brochure. The God is watching if I'm able to translate them all. There is plenty of time I overestimate myself.

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