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Deer's intestines broken in inches

Deer's intestines broken in inches

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Drawing: 牧谷 Mu Gu;
Modified by: 慧长 Hui Zhang;
English: www.lews.info

There was the time of Jin dynasty (265 AD - 420 AD) in China. XU Xun, a resident of He Nang province, was skillful at archery. He enjoyed animal hunting. One day, he was again getting ready to go hunting.

Zhang: Good morning, Mr. Xu. Are you going hunting again?
Xu Xun: Yes! Mr. Zhang. Do you want to come along?

Zhang: Sure! We can have some Barbecue. Just a sec, let me go get my gears.
Xu: Okay.

After Mr. Zhang got his bow and arrows, the two of them went straight up to the mountain for hunting.

When they got to the mountain...
Xu: Hey, Mr. Zhang. There are two deers right over there.


Zhang: We'll go beneath and against the wind; let's not scare them away.

They moved slowly and hid behind a big rock downstream.
Xu: Look like mother-son they do.

Zhang: Hey, we'll shoot them at the same time. You shoot the little guy; I go for the mother.
Xu: Alright.

They then aimed and shot their arrows at the deers...

Zhang's arrow missed the mother deer and landed near her legs. The mother deer quickly reacted and ran away.


The poor baby deer got shot and wounded badly, collapsing after uttering a loud whine.
Xu: Haa Haa! Great shot!
Zhang: You're good. Too bad I missed the mother deer.
Xu: It's ok, Mr Zhang. Let's go over and take a look.
Zhang: Ok.

Suddenly there was movement.
Xu: Hey, Something's moving. Let's stay away first.
They hid themselves behind some bushes and noticed the mother deer came back to the baby deer.
Zhang: Alright! I must get it this time.
Xu: Wait a sec, Mr. Zhang. See...


They saw the mother deer in tears and licking her baby's wound again and again.
And she went around her baby wailing in great sadness...
After a while, the mother deer collapsed and dropped to the ground too.
Xu: Hey, what happened to the mother deer?
Zhang: Hurry, let's take a look.
Xu: The mother's dead.
Zhang: Impossible. Let me see.


Zhang: Hey, really, she's dead. She must've felt too sad!
Xi: Really?

Xu Xun was curious and full of doubts, and he asked Mr. Zhang:
Xu: Why don't we cut her open and see what happened?
Zhang: But why?
Xu: I just wanna know how she died.
Zhang: Okay, let's find out.

And so the two of them cut her abdoment open.

Suddenly Xu Xun let out a sharp cry:
Xu: Oh! You see, Mr Zhang, her intestines are broken into 1-inch pieces. How horrible!

Out of control, Xu Xun felt a sense of deep sadness and regret.
Xu: I think the mother deer must've been too sad over her baby's death and caused her intestines to break into pieces. How I regretted killing the baby deer.


Zhang: Sigh, who would've thought of such thing. Please don't blame yourself.
Xu: I didn't know animals and human beings are alike in our love of children; even though we look so different.

Xu: Mr. Zhang, let's bury them, shall we?
Zhang: Okay. Hopefully it helps lessen our sins.

And so they buried the mother deer and the baby deer.

And Xu Xun broke his bow and arrows and vowed never to hunt again.


Original story from 警心录 (Jing Xin Lu, Alert-Heart-Records);
Comic version
presented in 护生漫画集 (Hu Sheng Man Hua Ji, Protect-Lives-Casual-Drawing-Collection or Protection for living beings).


you you shuang lu xi lin
Bell bell two deers play forest shades

lie bo yi shen qi mu xin
Break silk one sound hurts mother heart

cun cun duan chang zhen shi yu
Inch inch broken intestines real concrete words

qian qiu wen zhe lei zhan jin
Thousand autumns hear beings tears soak shirts

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