Thursday, June 30, 2011

Materialism versus Idealism

Materialism versus Idealism

Life's short. Time passed fast. Before Johnny knew it, he had to, in a way, decide if he should opt for the passion of his life, which was music, or the cruel reality of sustainable living, in a big monetary city.

In fact, he wasn't given a choice. Coming from a relatively underprivileged family meant that he could only give in to the reality.

He would have very much liked to strive for a balance. He tried, but he was too young to be skillful in it. He failed miserably. In the end, he became so stressful and turned insane...

... ...

Stress is a phenomena taking place everywhere, all the time. We should learn to understand how it arises and deal with it.

Do you know how your stress comes around? The nature of it? And what are your solutions?

Comic strip from Johnny the Moron,

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