Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Rain is here

Rain is here.

Hi my friends and family, how are you all? Things may not always go the way we want but there are always hope and faith that hold us hanging around. I wish you all doing well.

One of those important things that help us to be more responsible and lead a more meaningful life is the born of new birth. I'm happy, excited, scared and unsure to have become the father of Rain LEW(刘) Xinyu(歆雨). She was born on Sept 26, 2009. I thank God and the force of the universe and all the beings for her willingness to come to this sinful family, especially since I've sinned so much to have deserved her.

When I was at the National Registration Department to register the birth of Rain, I came across this poster board on a wall, facing public sitting and waiting for registration of both birth and death. It goes:

“Tahniah kerana menerima cahaya mata. Takziah atas kehilangan orang tersayang” which goes into:
“Congratulations because receiving light [of] eyes. Condolences upon loss [of] people beloved [the most]. ” which is pretty self-explanatory.

I was a little taken by surprise; that people waiting for registrations of both birth and death are together in a big hall, sitting side by side. Many parents brought along the newborn babies with them for registration of birth. And there were other people who seemed sad and indifferent/cold about the surroundings. I assume they were there for death registration.

On second thought, I said “why not?” Living and dying have always been in pair. All things material have life span. We come and we go when the time is ripe and right.

There is a saying:
“Sheng Yi He Huan, Si Yi He Ju, Qian Nian Wan Nian, Bai Ju Guo Xi.” which translates into:
“Birth yet why joyful, death yet why fearful, thousand years ten-thousand years, white speedy-horse through small-gap.”

Why being happy and joyful having new birth or being alive? Why being fearful and sad when approaching dead? Tens of thousands of years may be a long time, but it's a blink of an eye like the speedy white horse passing through a narrow gap.

We may be philosophical and indifferent about birth and death, however, as mortal beings, we for sure cherish life/birth more than death. In a way it's similar to the way how different we treat our children versus elderly. It's all so wrong to treat our children and grandchildren like jewels but our parents and grandparents like dirt. For the jewels were from the dirt soil too, at one time.

Therefore the right attitude would be to treat our mothers, fathers, grandparents the way we treat our little princes and princesses. Coming life and approaching death are natural phenomenon. Why favour one another?

If you manage to finish up to here, I thank you for your perseverance and apologize if you find the piece uneventful. This is a little something that came to me at these moments; may or may not be worthwhile. And I haven't had much time to organise things better.

In my life of remaining days I wish to become a good father, a good coach, and a good friend of Rain. But right before that, I myself have to be a good example, to be a good son, a good companion, and a good friend to my mother, Madam Hoo Sew Pong . My die-hard wishful will.

Rain, welcome to the sad and chaotic world. Let's all make it a worthwhile journey.


John LEW

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