Thursday, December 30, 2010

Interracial Marriage gives peace

Human beings are constantly in wars. We're in wars inside and outside. Wars take places because of ignorance of the real truth. We fail to see that we're all living life forms. We fail to see we're on the same boat sailing toward the same destination.

More often than not, we only see the physical differences among us: the colors of our skins, the different religions we believe in, the choice of foods we choose to eat, different parts of the world we come from and thus different cultures we are brought up with. There SEEMS to be so many differences among us...

Instead of embracing the beautiful diversity of human kinds, we choose to alienate with each other.

Some people believe, one way to help reduce the conflicts of races, religions, and cultures is to encourage interracial marriage.

Babies and children born of interracial parents usually see things in parental love rather than parents' skins or the traditional costumes they wear.

"I love my mommy, I love my daddy. Who are they? They're my mommy and daddy! I love them."

"My dad is red, my mom's white. My granddad is black, my grandmother's yellow."

"So much love! So colourful! I love them all. I love all colours!"

To keep things simple, it's that simple.

Eventually all single races will move on to another realm and newer generations with gray scales who blend all races, all religions, all cultures, and all backgrounds are here to stay.

And the result? Quite likely a more peaceful world and less wars.

It's much easier then to focus on the truly important things in life.

Are we all in the same boat sailing toward the same destination?

Yes, we are.

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