Monday, January 14, 2008

Choice. Operating systems. Genes selection.

Mentioning of a few (and more to come) notebooks/laptops/desktops with FreeDOS or Linux OS serves to provide people with a choice. Sometimes what matters is that's a choice for everything. If we look around there aren't many choice given or offered when we choose to purchase a new computer system. And the lack of choice is certainly not healthy.

One way to look at it is to look at selection of human genes. A man and a woman give rise to a newborn baby that shares the parents' traits. It's by natural selection some traits are preserved and some are stored in the pool of genes. When we say 'selection' it means a mechanism of choosing something over another for the survival in this mortal physical world. Certain traits or characteristics are 'chosen' to give birth to a new generation of human beings. Only then the eco system of human gene pool can be as diverse. And as complex and complete.

Choice. This is one of the reasons some FreeDOS and Linux notebooks/laptops/desktops are highlighted here.

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