Monday, January 21, 2008

To see far and away, to see clearer

The other night when I got home it was 11pm. Don't usually got home that late. Spent some time to put things away and I had the luxury of a few minutes to look out from the balcony of 14th floor above the ground of this apartment building. It was magnificent. I could see Sri Hartamas, big parts of Segambut Dalam, Duta area and even certain parts of Jalan Ipoh of Kuala Lumpur. The sky was clear and there was no haze.

There is only one slight problem: The sight was a little blurry. My eye sight.

I've always known my right eye sight is a short-sighted with roughly 180 vision. My left eye is near perfect. It seems like a few weeks' load of work without proper relaxation has added burden to my right eye sight, making the lazy eye lazier.

I intentionally blocked my left eye for a minute or so so that I was counting only on the right one to relax and see things far. And it worked! The further and more time you spend on things far away, the clearer you see the whole picture. That's the thought I had then.

Therefore we should from time to time take some time off to see things far and away. Probably 10 minutes into it you'll find yourself seeing so much more and in depth.

This is true with physical objects; and it's equally true for mind vision.

So, to see far and away, to see clearer.

PS: The picture is "borrowed" from, which is a great site to ponder upon.

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