Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chicken essence and its contraindications

Much has been said about the benefit of consuming chicken essence, I thought I would shed some light on some contraindications (Cases it shouldn’t be taken):

High cholesterol: People who have high cholesterol especially the bad guy (LDL, Low-density lipoprotein) should refrain from taking chicken essence. Chicken essence will raise the formation of cholesterol. With higher amount of cholesterol in the blood stream, they will be deposited on the inner vessel walls, making artery ‘hardened’. The artery wall becomes thickened and looses its elasticity, posing conditions such as atherosclerosis and coronary atherosclerotic heart disease.

High blood pressure or Hypertension: Chicken essence can raise blood pressure. Chronic high blood pressure leads to secondary heart related diseases such as myocardial thickening (thickening of heart muscles) and enlarged heart.

Renal function: Chicken essence contains a few small molecular proteins. They can be burden for patients with acute nephritis, chronic or acute functional renal failure and uremia. Because of inferior renal function, kidney system is not able to manage the byproducts of these proteins, which may further lead to renal azotemia, worsening the conditions.

Gastric acidity: Chicken soup/essence has a remarkable effect on stimulating gastric acid. People with gastric ulcer, hyper gastric acidity and upper gastrointestinal bleeding may be affected by taking chicken essence.


Denali said...

This is great info to know.

John J. C. Lew said...

Dear Denali,

I'm glad the info helps.

John Lew

John said...

Which info is correct? This link to Brand's chicken essence says it can reduce blood pressure?

John J. C. Lew said...

Dear John,

The HBP that mentioned in the paper was induced by DOCA/Salt. Whereas in real life, the cause of HBP is mostly unknown (from the perspective of modern medicine) and much more complicated than just DOCA/Salt induced HBP.

There are many causes or syndromes of HBP from the traditional perspective. You can take a look at from the traditional perspective. For those syndromes of warm and heaty, chicken essence (with its nature or warm and dry) is not suitable.

John Lew

Wendy Chew said...

I do find New Moon Chicken Essence heaty!

John J. C. Lew said...

Dear Wendy,

Regardless of the brands, chicken essence is warm and dry in nature. And do check out the its contraindications.

Good luck.

John Lew

Nyan Htoo Thet said...

Thanks a lot John.
I want to know this for a long time.