Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Life forms, souls, on earth.

Life forms come to material world with bodies wrapped around the soul. Using bodies as a tool or vehicle to carry out earthly activities to fulfill destinies, whether to pay debts or to seek debts, life forms shed the bodies when the time is up for another journey.

Lessons learned. Souls move on.

Coming from the earth, going back to the earth. This is what it is for material world.

Jobs done. Souls move on.

These ants help the fly to decompose the left-over body which is no longer necessary. The soul, which previously took the life form as fly on earth, has moved on to another journey. The soul has her path to go. All life forms help each other to progress and to alleviate to higher regions; some, unfortunately, get lost, confused and jeopardize the process, hurting oneself and therefore others.

Quick, hurry, come back to the righteous path.

1) Photograph by John Lew. All rights on photographs reserved. More nature shots at http://www.lews.info/wallpaper/index.html
2) Click on the Photo No. 2 for a complete 1024x768 wallpaper.
3) Photo No. 3, title “Beautiful Earth – What are we doing?” by David Lewis-Baker.


The Runner, Dreamer, Observer, Seeker said...

So well illustrated and adorned with such beautiful photographs as well. Really good!
The concept of reincarnation is like a bridge. The therapeutic results of walking over this bridge are beyond question. People get better (i think), even if they don't believe in past lives.
Reincarnation is a bridge to greater knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It reminds us of what we take with us and what we do not, of why we are here and of what we need to accomplish in order to move on...
"The soul of man is like to water;
From Heaven it comes
To Heaven it rises
And then return to earth - forever alternating." - Goethe

Anonymous said...

Hi the runner,
I remember I posted back here few days ago but I can't find it now.

There are many more to come. Life can be very fulfilling!

John Lew

The Runner, Dreamer, Observer, Seeker said...

Many more to come? You mean those lovely photographs on nature?
Indeed those pictures told me that you are a true artist even if it's not in the conventional sense of the word...
Whatever it is, bring it in anyway!