Saturday, October 18, 2008

Teresa Hsu: 110 years of wisdom

110 years of wisdom: Teresa Hsu

I was reading the sub edition of Chinapress newspaper (Oct 15th, 2008) and came across this incredible human being by the name of Teresa Hsu Chih (许哲; Xu Zhe). Apparently there is so much to learn from her 110 years of wisdom about sharing and giving.

"Clothes, foods, houses, transportations are things I don't mind about. My clothes are old clothes of others. Material things are just tools. Because I'm a full vegetarian, my diet is really simple. Coarse teas and plain rice [Simple foods] are no problem." Vegetarianism that goes her heart to suffering animals. Simplicity that cares about mother earth's resources.

"I must have got it from my mother because she was totally dedicated to the job she chose to do and that was looking after the family. I think that trait was passed down to us. I've no family, so I look after everybody else. I choose to serve everybody else who comes to me—that is my job... The world is my home, all living beings are my family, selfless service is my religion." An incredible being that walks the talks of serving selflessly.

"I prefer to laugh than to weep. Those people who cry to me, I always tell them it is better to laugh than to use tissue paper, as laughing is free but tissue paper still cost five cent. 'Ha ha ha' cost no cents." Positive tone of life takes precedent over negativity. Golden rule.

"There are no secrets [to my longivity]. I just enjoy simple, spiritual peaceful life. As a matter of fact, I didn't choose longivity; it just happens to be so." Quite many people aim for the destinations without enjoying the journey. In the end, many don't reach the destinations nor do they learn much from the journey.

"Neither am I Christian nor Buddhist. Ha ha ha." Love is what we need. It's never about religion, or race.

Please learn more about Teresa Hsu at the links below. I'm sure we're all going to learn something wise from her.



Anonymous said...

truly inspirational..

John J. C. Lew said...

That's right.

The light of darkness, angel in chaos.