Friday, March 20, 2009

Bad breath: Simple Chinese herbs

For bad breath in general, we can use fresh reed rhizome (鲜芦根; Xian Lu Gen). Use large amount of fresh reed rhizome and boil it in 3 litres of water. Consume it as replacement of daily intake of water.

For chronic respiratory diseases that give rise to bad breath, lily bulb (百合; Bai He) and green mung bean (绿豆; Lv Dou) can be boiled into soup for regular consumption. Lily bulb is sweet and slightly cold. It nourishes the lung and clears away heart-fire whereas mung bean is cooling and helps to detox inflammatory factors. This combination is also good for cigarette smokers.

For chronic gastrointestinal problems that give rise to bad breath, fresh hawthorn fruit (生山楂; Sheng Shan Zha) and tangerine peel (陈皮; Chen Pi) are two proper herbs to be used together. Hawthorn fruit, sour and sweet in flavour and warm in property, acts on the spleen and stomach channels to remove retention of food and resolve blood stasis. Tangerine peel, pungent and bitter in flavour, warm in property, has the effects of eliminating dampness and resolving phlegm. Together, they get rid of food retention and dampness that contribute to bad breath. A little rock sugar adds good taste to it.