Friday, July 30, 2010

Spirit, Energy and Material worlds; Messages behind the movie Avatar

Watching the movie Avatar is an eye opener. The colors of flora and fauna are splendid and scenes of nature and jungles breathtaking. While the eye candies are delights to watch, the messages behind the film are more appealing to some, and to me too.

Let's look at the following scripts:

1: “I'm trying to understand this deep connection the people have to the forest. She (Neytiri, Na'vi native) talks about a network of energy that flows through all living things. She says all energy is only borrowed, and one day you have to give it back.”

In ancient and traditional world of living, jungles and rivers have always been the source of shelters, food, water, clothes. Any many ancient writings of scholars talked about how lives come and go around like an exchange of energy, albeit in different linguistic presentations. Many of us look at living and dying with such extreme joy and fear respectively, to the extend of horrible turbulence of emotional disturbance. If we see things through to their very real existence, all material things wear off, there are lifespans to everything. But the energy within lives on, taking different forms as mortal existence.

If we can come to appreciate all things are only borrowed, i.e., including our bodies, will we see life a little differently then?

“I see you... … and thank you. You spirit goes with Eywa (the spirit of the universe?). Your body stays behind... …to become part of the people.”

Jake said to the deer-like animal when taking her life. Neytiri watched to see if he had understood the meaning of life.

If you “have to” kill a living being, kill her quick. Kill her with the least pain involved. Offer your apology, give your reasons, ask for forgiveness, show your appreciation and share the benefits with mankind...

That is, if you “have to”...

The Na'vi people kill for 'good enough' and for the very basic need of everyday life. There is never greed or luxury in the motive. It's always about sustainability of the material bodies and balancing energy flow.

Look around us these days, the ideas of “simplicity”, and “good enough” are hardly found in the commercial world, where people are made into consumers of all sorts of things. We're being brainwashed into believing we need so many different kind of things in order to live a quality life.

I wonder if 'quality life' only means 'materialistic life' but not 'meaningful life'...

And how many people say “Thank you” to the unwilling sacrifice of animals? We take animal family members apart and we kill them for their flesh brutally and we make them into unrecognizable canned food and try to deceive people and we waste them by only finishing less than half of whatever we put into our stomachs.

It's obvious that's no appreciation and gratefulness... There isn't even awareness!

It's sad. It's a sad sad situation.

Human beings, please wake up to the reality, sooner or later you have to face the truth.

Let's make it sooner.

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