Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't shoot the birds


shui dao qun sheng xing ming wei?
yi ban gu rou yi ban pi;
quan jun mo da zhi tou niao,
zi zai chao zhong wang mu gui.

Who says bunch creatures life forms worthless?
Same type bones flesh same type skins;
Advice you don't hit branch-tip birds,
Chicks at nest-in waiting mother home.

1. Poem by 白居易(BAI Ju Yi, year 772~846, 唐朝, Tang dynasty). The name of the poem is 《护生诗》 ("Hu Sheng Shi", or "Protecting Life Poem"). Comic drawn by 牧谷(Mu Gu); Translation by John Lew.
2. Thought of explaining further on the poem but it seems pretty self-explanatory.

The world is full of smart people who shoot the birds (or something similar to that nature) for fun, for pleasure, for killing time, for revenge, for money and etc; we just need more wise people who know what's more important in life...

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!
(Lunar August 15th; Sept 22, 2010)

It's a time of
family reunion!


MS said...

Hi, Dr John,

This is my first time browsing this blog. find it educating and mind opening. feel guilty for my fast-pace lifestyle but your blog teach me to slow down and appreciate more thoughts. your hard work is very much appreciated!

Happy Mooncake Festival.... (though a little bit late...)


John J. C. Lew said...

Hi MS,

Glad that you like some of the ideas presented.

Let's all of us have a wonder family reunion during the meaningful mid autumn festival!

John Lew

Sylvia said...

Hi, Dr. John,




Anonymous said...

Dear John,

I absolutely agree with you and I thank you for sharing your wisdom and inspiring me all the time.


John J. C. Lew said...

Hi Sylvia,

Good day to you and thank you for your kind encouragement.

We hang on well out here!


John J. C. Lew said...

Dear WM,

No problem, you're welcome.

Keep running toward our goals of sharing!