Monday, February 28, 2011

Wild geese fly like family

Don't kill or eat wild geese. Wild geese fly like brothers/sisters/family.

Many ancient civilizations in the past respect animals with behaviors like human beings. One of those animals displaying human traits is wild geese.

Wild geese live together and fly in flock like brothers and sisters and family members. The formation they take is called V or Vic formation and it reduces aerodynamic drags from wind and helps them to fly farther with less efforts. Also, when the leading goose at front gets tired facing the wind, the trailing goose at the very back of the team will move forward and take over the role; former leader will then become the second goose in the formation, taking some rest. And the process takes turn alternating between left and right wing. This way everybody gets a chance to face the front wind and rest well long enough before taking the lead again.

There are plenty of stories from grain farmers who tell of how geese would come back to look for lost goose in between flying in flock. They seem not easily abandon their flying members, and in doing so, unfortunately fall into victims of goose hunting. Goose hunters know this well enough and that's why techniques like goose decoys and goose calling work well to attract geese for hunting.

We don't kill our brothers/sisters/father/mother; why do we then kill others' brothers/sisters/ father/mother? Just that they look so different than human beings doesn't make them less living beings. Unfortunately, again, human beings don't get this well.

Don't hunt geese, or any other animals.

Animals are just like us; albeit bearing different skins and looks.

(1) I read about wild geese flying formation long ago and if the info given isn't accurate or wrong please do correct me so. Thanks!
(2) Comic drawn by 牧谷(Mu Gu). All photoes of geese flying from internet. Do let me know if any of them are copyrighted.


Grandma Barb said...

I am a member of a philonthropic group and while looking for a picture for our yearbook cover I have stumbled onto your beautiful pictures. We would like to use one of your geese pictures if you will allow us to do so. If you have copywrited them, would it be possible to pay you a fee to use it? (

John J. C. Lew said...

Hi Grandma Barb,

Good day to you. All the photos on the post "Wild geese fly like family" are taken off internet search engines. I don't know if they are copyrighted.

It's actually so nice of you to ask a potential copyright owner for permission. Most people would have just used the photos first, like what I did.

However, I did put a note of "All photoes of geese flying from internet. Do let me know if any of them are copyrighted." just in case I've violated some laws.

Good luck to you and your philanthropic work!


Tonia Cope Bowley said...

Your pictures are amazing.

I am looking for a picture of geese flying in formation to use in our annual Thembisa Trust Newsletter.
24 years ago my husband and I started a charity, THE THEMBISA TRUST to raise funds for the poorest in South Africa - see 100% of all funds raised goes to projects in South Africa. All work for Thembisa is given on a voluntary basis. It falls to me to write the leading article of our annual newsletter. This time I am writing around the theme of the value of working together. As an illustration I mention the fact that a flock of geese flying in V formation achieves a range of 71 percent more than flying alone.

May I use one of your photographs - and acknowledge you , of course.

John J. C. Lew said...

Hi Tonia,

Good day to you. What a nice and kind work you're working for us! Thank you so much.

About the pictures - like I told Grandma Barb - they're not really my work. Some of them could've been copyrighted; I simply can't find out because they're from google search and seem to be widely available at many sites.

Oh, you're using them for good causes; what wrong can it make?

Good luck! And keep up the good work too!

John Lew