Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cows and dogs are friends

Among the six domestic animals (pig, ox, goat, horse, fowl and dog), cows and dogs are the most useful and harmless animals for human beings.

In the ancient times, Oxen and cows were around to help us transport goods, plowing for farming, their milk as our drinks and their flesh as our foods too. Dogs were around for protection of premises, helping in hunting other animals, as well as our dishes on dining table. They've always been loyal to human beings. They're obedient and hardly complain. To these days, we benefit from their company pretty much the same.

A small change though; dogs have since escalated her status as pet too. Many different breeds of dogs are human beings' favorite pets and some are as close as family members. The same probably can't be said for cows, pigs, goats, deers, chicken; they've all become human's favorite foods.

In order to make them foods for our mouth and stomach we need to make them dead. To make them dead we need to slaughter and kill them. Who would wanna be slaughtered to death? What kind of pains involved in slitting one's throat to death? Do we believe animals have no sensory perceptions? So they don't see, hear, taste, smell, touch and therefore don't feel any pains?

Do we want such pain and torture in slitting our throats and bleeding to death?

Please spare them the pains... especially the ones that have helped us so much.

Let's start by not eating beef... cows... dog meat...

and then pork... pigs...

and then deers, lambs, horses...

and then chicken...

and then all living animals...

and then all living beings...

Note: Comic drawn by 牧谷(Mu Gu). Original wordings translated to English: [Among the domestic animals, those that benefit mankind the most and least harmful to us, are cows and dogs; must not be eaten.]


Lucy Wong said...

I am indeed very happy to come across your blog... full of compassion and love for mankind...

I am grateful and thankful for those great articles.. it is real wonderful and awesome.

my blog is http://lucystips.blogspot.com

Sylvia said...

Hi, Dr John!

以您的文语连想, 我个人倒有深思过这个问题。 近年来, 在人不预测之风云的情形下, 世界发生了一连系的庞大灾难, 太令人悲痛与惋惜。。 这一切, 会是与人类的自作循业有相关连吗?

以其不有,这一小段的名言,应该是值得我们去思考 :-

“血肉淋淋味足珍, 一般痛苦怨难伸, 设深处地扪心像, 谁肯将刀割自身。”

“千百年来碗裹羹, 冤深似海恨难平, 欲知世上刀兵劫, 但听屠门夜半声。”

其实,众生一切皆平等, 爱惜自我生命,更要尊重万物之灵。与您同愿, 祈望一切有情诸众生能断杀业,断食众生肉,诸恶莫作, 诸善奉行,离苦得乐,得大自在。。。

John J. C. Lew said...

Dear Lucy Wong,

Thank you. I'm glad you like the writings.

I went to your blog and read some. I'm delighted to find many issues we have common interest. And you've written so many presentations with great photos and pictures!

They're wonderful works of great knowledge.

I wanted to leave a kind message; but I'm too rusty to find a way to post a comment in your blog. Did you deactivate the comment box option? I do hope you will find my response here.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to more of your great materials!

John Lew

John J. C. Lew said...

Hi Sylvia,

You've always been poetic about sentimental issues. Those are deep Chinese language you have that!

And I do agree that if only we can let go of our taste and smell desire probably then we'll take less animal foods...

So let's all of us go VEGAN!

Take care!
John Lew