Thursday, June 30, 2011

Materialism versus Idealism

Materialism versus Idealism

Life's short. Time passed fast. Before Johnny knew it, he had to, in a way, decide if he should opt for the passion of his life, which was music, or the cruel reality of sustainable living, in a big monetary city.

In fact, he wasn't given a choice. Coming from a relatively underprivileged family meant that he could only give in to the reality.

He would have very much liked to strive for a balance. He tried, but he was too young to be skillful in it. He failed miserably. In the end, he became so stressful and turned insane...

... ...

Stress is a phenomena taking place everywhere, all the time. We should learn to understand how it arises and deal with it.

Do you know how your stress comes around? The nature of it? And what are your solutions?

Comic strip from Johnny the Moron,


Celeste said...


You know why i love Johnny the moron so much? It's simply so true. (sometime) ^^
remember your post in 2008--Attitude of life...I think that is a pretty good idea to release stress.(for me) ^ ^ I like it very much.

John J. C. Lew said...

Dear Celeste,

How are you? Glad all things are better and we all fall in between.

Johnny the Moron was a failure in many ways: Bad drawing with presentations not many can understand without elaboration (John wasn't from drawing background anyway; and his thinking is all weirdo), scripts too serious (I blame this on my script writer; she was a no-nonsense cool admin staff, Taiwanese style), marketing not strong or cohesive (my help from HK, a typical HK girl, was too busy with ballet dancing and foods; another guy who was in Australia for studies was finishing his senior paper...). So all these added up to a failed project.

But it's a project we're proud with, I hope.

I know the piece you mention. It's here at:

These wonderful images and wordings aren't from me. I found them very comfortable and I decided to add my own elaborations.


Celeste said...

Hmm... Mm maybe i'm weird enough to like Johnny's ideas; and too artistic to feel that the drawing is unique; so sure that John did enjoy the process of making the comics...

John J. C. Lew said...

Hi Celeste,

Ha. Yes and No. Being inspired about ideas is fun; putting them down to physical drawing takes time and great patience. My mind rushes much faster than drawing, so it was a good learning field for being patient.

Overall, it's a wonderful time. Can't possibly repeat what I had again.


Celeste said...

^^ the spirit of your passion will stay forever there. One year later, two years later, ten years, 100years later... perhaps end of the world...ha!

There will always someone who found this and appreciate and being touched by what you had done, even though, you may not repeat this again. does go on and on... ^^

John J. C. Lew said...

Thank you, Celeste.

We may not live forever but the spirits go on and on. I like that~~!

When do you human beings learn TIME doesn't matter? What matters is? Our kind hearts!

Cool... :)