Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moon is here

Moon is here.

Welcome to the jungle Earth, Moon. To be exact, 刘(LEW) 歆月(Xinyue) Moon, welcome to the chaotic life!

On November 15th, 2011 my wife and I welcomed the arrival of our baby daughter Moon. It was in a way as exciting as the arrival of Rain, Moon's elder sister by 2 years plus. But my wife said I seemed to be more care-free this time. Probably with a bit more experience, people become less anxious; so did I. Anyway, I'm equally thankful to all beings who make this happen. The forces of the universe work in a way that deserve respect and much must be learned so that we live in line with the messages of life.

Moon's arrival inspired me to write about Jaundice and the importance of confinement in certain ladies. I hope very soon I will be able to have time to write about the two topics. There seems to be some different views about how yellow jaundice comes about, physiologically or pathologically. As for confinement, many people may not realize how different human bodies can be from one race to another. So some say it's necessary to consolidate the body and some say no need. I say confinement is very necessary, yet the details differ depending on one's body type.

Looking back the past 2 years since Rain was born, I realized I still make mistakes. And some very big mistakes! I thought nearing 40 should be a good age nothing stirs my mind anymore; but it's not like that at all. I'm still being controlled by my emotional changes, hormonal raging and old bad habits. And things I said and wrote about improving myself as a son and husband and brother didn't materialize well. Still much hard work has to pour in.

Moon, and Rain, it's a much harder world than we think it is. Having said that though, let's admit the mistakes and vow never to repeat them again. Let's all calm our minds and do the right things right!


Thank you.

John LEW