Friday, September 16, 2011

Mid Autumn and Mid Spring

Mid Autumn and Mid Spring

This time of the year the northern hemisphere is celebrating the period of mid autumn. The Chinese celebrates it on the 15th day of the 8th traditional farming calendar month (A bit like the lunar calendar too). The west will be welcoming the mid autumn roughly on late September. And I suppose many parts of the world where farming is still of importance will happily welcome the mid autumn in different ways and similar time. After all, everyone enjoys harvest during autumn time.

Seasonal change takes place roughly the same time everywhere. And seasonal change is such an important part of traditional farming.

Down at the southern hemisphere, few weeks down the road is the mid spring time. Not sure if there are many people celebrating it. It's more like a forgotten role yet most people are busy pruning and planting seeds ahead of this time to take advantage of the season's great potential growth.

Autumn is the harvesting time; spring is the cultivating time. The mood, of course, will be very different. Comparing to one's life span, it's like seeing someone appreciating harvest at the age of 55 and some others adventuring into adulthood at the age of 15.

So it takes turn. The teenager eventually will grow into 50s and 60s. And the elderly uncle will shred his piece of old body and move on to some other realms? And coming back as new born creature? That is, if you believe in reborn or reincarnation...

Spring, then summer, then autumn, then winter. Then what's next? Spring again... summer again, and the cycle goes on and on. It's been like this probably as long as lives existed. So it seems living creatures do come and go...

And we celebrate all things seasonal every year too.


What am I trying to say? I guess what I'm trying to bring across is: Things come and things go in a pattern of cycles. We human beings need to recognize them and live according to the law of nature. Ha.

Oh, before I really truly forget, some people believe the ultimate goal is to break free from the cycle of lives; to be free from seasonal change, for example. Ha.


PS: Many times I myself don't know what and why I'm writing on something. This piece is most likely one of those. Thank you so much for your time.


Anonymous said...

I had received a very bad news this morning at the moment I woke up...
Then, I pray that:' please send something good to me.' Haha! I have received it from your writing. ^^
This is really awesome! >_<
" We human being need to recognize them and live according to the law of nature."
^^ bad things come and go and repeat too. I see them and do not reject them, they are the 'nature' as well, and they will go naturally. ha.
Wau! get better. (^^)v

Thousand thanks,

John J. C. Lew said...

Dear Aki,

Good day to you. Hopefully the cycle of nature has taken your sorrow away by now. I like they way you put it: "Bad and good things come and go and repeat too. I see them and do not reject them. They're the 'nature' as well. And they will go off naturally."

Something I didn't put in sentence very well you've managed to put them clearly. Thank you.

You take it easy. Don't be too harsh on ourselves; afterall, most of us are just regular fragile beings... Ha!

Good luck to you!


Anonymous said...


I receive bad and good things each and everyday... it continues...never stop =_=ll

To understand the philosophy and to put it into practice is two different things. ^^ (for me, however, try and try and try.ha! ^^)
However, when came across to words or messages that had opened the narrow thinking, the feeling was released and so free!^^
Very happy,
I'm so small in this big world, yet am just nice...just nice to meet beautiful people and things ^^


Anonymous said...

Dear Aki,

Good day to you.

How humble of you to see yourself being small in this world. And how confident of you to say being nice enough to meet many beautiful things and people.

Keep up your good work!


Anonymous said...

hi Sensei!^^
You are the one who taught me all these. hee...(maybe sometimes you don't really remember what you had told me. However, I really like your sharing!^^)
I had managed to grab them, understand them and remember them. ha ^^
You are one of the beautiful people that I had met too!^^

warmest regards,

John J. C. Lew said...

Yes, Aki,

Hopefully we're all beautiful beings for others!

And I wish you having high emotional quality all the time. Woh, what a term huh?

Good evening!

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