Friday, January 27, 2017

How to be happy, healthy and wealthy?

Happy Chinese New Year 2017 of the Rooster!
2017 鸡年 新年快乐!雞年 新年快樂!
Selamat tahun baru Cina 2017 Tahun Ayam!

When you give, you'll get.

A genuine smile from a poor and pain-striken sick person is worth much more and lots more powerful than a fake smile from a rich and healthy money-driven millionaire.

Donation of 1 dollar from a poor, sick homeless person is probably 1 million times more powerful than 1 million dollars donation from a super rich and healthy person.

If we're sick, poor, sad and in pain, we need to know why? And we need to act accordingly to become healthy, rich, happy and in ease.

How? We ask...

The law of cause and effect... The manifestation of kindness in heart, speech and in actions... is one of the answers.

Good luck, humans. Enjoy the journey of discovery of sharing kindness as one.

Have a meaningful life!

# 当你有所付出, 你将有所回馈。
# 一个深受贫病交迫煎熬的贫民的真诚笑容, 远比一个安康富有的拜金富翁的虚伪笑容来得高尚和有力量。
# 来自贫疾且流离失所的人的一元捐献, 其力量也许是健康且腰缠万贯的人的一百万元捐献的一百万倍。
# 假若我们被疾病缠身、 陷入贫困、 经历悲惨事故而活在痛苦中, 那我们必须知其因。我们必须时时抱着善念去行事, 以实现健康、富足、 喜悦和安逸的人生。
# 也许你会问 ...  怎样做到这点?
# 其中一个答案就是:善心、善语和善行。这是因果法则、宇宙真理。
# 把祝福献给世人。亨受这趟发现之旅吧! 这趟透过彼此將心比心, 彼此以慈善相待的旅程。
# 愿你有个充实且有意义的人生!

Apabila anda memberi, anda akan mendapatnya semula.

Senyuman yang ikhlas dari seorang fakir, seorang yang tidak berdaya, jauh lebih bernilai dari senyuman palsu seorang kaya dan jutawan.

Sumbangan walau seringgit dari seorang miskin, mahupun gelandangan, sejuta kali lebih berkuasa dari sumbangan seorang kaya yang sihat.

Seandainya kita sakit, miskin, sedih dan sakit, perlulah kita tahu akan sebabnya. Agar kita dapat bertindak sewajarnya untuk menjadi sihat, kaya, gembira dan selesa.

Bagaimana? Kita bertanya...

Hukum "sebab dan akibat: ... Manifestasi kebaikan di dalam hati, kata-kata dan perlakuan ... merupakan salah satu jawapan.

Semoga berjaya, wahai manusia. Selamat menikmati perjalanan dalam menemukan perkongsian kebaikan sebagai satu.

Semoga kita menjalani kehidupan yang bermakna!

# 當你有所付出, 你將有所回饋。
# 一個深受貧病交迫煎熬的貧民的真誠笑容, 遠比一個安康富有的拜金富翁的虛偽笑容來得高尚和有力量。
# 來自貧疾且流離失所的人的一元捐獻, 其力量也許是健康且腰纏萬貫的人的一百萬元捐獻的一百萬倍。
# 假若我們被疾病纏身、 陷入貧困、 經歷悲慘事故而活在痛苦中, 那我們必須知其因。我們必須時時抱著善念去行事, 以實現健康、富足、 喜悅和安逸的人生。
# 也許你會問 ...  怎樣做到這點?
# 其中一個答案就是:善心、善語和善行。這是因果法則、宇宙真理。
# 把祝福獻給世人。亨受這趟發現之旅吧! 這趟透過彼此將心比心, 彼此以慈善相待的旅程。
# 願你有個充實且有意義的人生!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dear world leaders

Dear world and national leaders,

This is what's happening.

Many countries are in a not-so-optimistic situation. People aren't comfortable about recent developments. Many rumours are wandering around as for the next move of certain world and national leaders that will affect people greatly. As this time of turmoil, people are suffering from loss of direction and disappointment of our governments and certain leaders.

Can we do something about it? Are we obliged to? As leaders of the nations?

With great power comes great responsibility. We hope our world and national leaders can do something positive, wise, and useful for the societies.

And we believe honesty, openness, truthfulness are traits of wisdom. And these traits can surely help us to move on better.

People are asking: Why are so many world and national leaders corrupted and irresponsible?
Too much power and desires. Power and desires make any human lose their minds. This is especially true when the power and desires in hands are deep-rooted.

So the people ask: How do we get more clean, honest and responsible leaders?
Go for a simple and dignified life we live. We live a righteous being. We die a righteous being. Everyone does that then all societies will have clean and just people and leaders.

Quick say about money: Money is a tool. Can do angels, can do evils. We can use it to buy mostly physical things. Unfortunately, we can use it to buy people too. When we do that, both parties are corrupt. Punishment will come in sooner or later.

Some people are easily bought with money, regardless if they think themselves poor or rich. It's again the issue of lacking of integrity, lacking of honesty, righteousness and self-respect.

How do we come back to the righteous way of living?
We pray to live a simple life with dignity. We beg for no one's money in bribery way. We pray for human's awakening. Naive but righteous. We pray for calmness and resilience.

We do all the right things right. In this world, too many people are doing the wrong things right. Show them the righteous ways, please, our leaders...

At the end of the day, when we go home and see our young children, our old parents, we hope to have made them proud. We hope to say we've done something righteous...

Would my granddad have been proud of me of my life? Have I made my family proud? Have I contributed to society peace? Have I been a good child to my mom? How do I want my children to have remembered me? "Dad, I want to be exactly like you!" "Dad, why people say you're a lousy leader?" "Son, what have you done to our nation?" "Son, could you have let the people down?" "Son, I'm proud of you."

Who are we in the eyes of people? Who are we in our own eyes?

Someone once said of this: "If our aim is to be rich financially, don't become a leader of a nation. If we become a leader of a nation, we shouldn't be rich financially."

There are so many ways of becoming rich. Why do we become rich by stealing money off poorer people than us? Stealing money off public resources? What's the meaning of "leader"?

Many so-called leaders claim they're exercising their power for the benefits of certain groups of people. We wonder if they mean the benefits of they themselves, or their relatives, or their personal friends, or their cronies...

The morality and integrity of leaders are pretty low in this world of desires. We can't help but wonder of their true sinister intentions.

By the way, a true human leader does good things for all human beings, not just for a particular group of humans based on race, colors, religions, languages, backgrounds...

Talking about race, was it about 500 millions years ago a chimpanzee-like and monkey-like mammal called Lucy the common ancestor of all modern human beings these days? Lucy or whatever the name, we human beings have a common ancestor. We should all be brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts in a family. Why are we not? 500 million years is quite likely a long time. We could have rightfully forgotten.

I see... All of us, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, indigo, orange, black, pink, white, grey, fluorescent or metallic; we are family! We need to pass on the message!

As of world religions, humans are born humans. Gautama wasn't born a Buddhist; he was born a human baby. Prophet Muhammad wasn't born a Muslim; he was born a human baby. Jesus wasn't born a Christian; he was born a human baby.  Lao Tzu wasn't born a Taoist; he was born a human baby.

Just merely 3000 years ago all major religions these days didn't exist. How exactly our human common ancestors lived their life? Honesty, kindness, integrity, truthfulness, righteousness have always been around before any religions. Can we become a better human first before becoming a better religion follower? The answer is surely YES.

Human beings die one day. Be it 1, 5, 10, 30, 50, 70, 80, 90, 100 years old... We all have to go away from this life one day. We can't bring with us big houses, luxury cars, diamond rings, fancy bags... What we may bring along are integrity, memories of our short journey on earth. People may remember us as good or bad leaders, or some good some bad. One thing most of us may not realize: the law of cause and effect is always true. We do good we'll be rewarded; we do bad we'll be punished. It's the matter of time and some other ingredients of life. Nobody wants to die tough. Go ahead and pay a visit at many big hospitals and see how old folks die dying slowly and miserably. And so many of us suffer everyday from chronic illnesses that never seem to go away. And these health issues will simply deteriorate when we get older. If we've been kind and helping and live a righteous life then the torture may reduce. Otherwise we see ourselves dying in great pain and insanity. Quite a number of people become insane and crazy toward the end stage of life.

We world and national leaders have bigger responsibility bestowed on us. How are going to die if we betray the trust of people? If we just rip money off tax payers' hard earned money how's the punishment of the law of the universe?

Ancient teachings of life before the existence of any religions already talks about heaven and hell. Then it's the hell waiting for us. Hell waiting for our children and our grand children because of our bad doings, our corruption, our irresponsibility...

Dear leaders, please do something righteous fast for the societies before it's too late. For our parents, our children and to redeem and salvage ourselves from endless miserable torture in hell.

We make the people living in hell on earth, then the real hell will surely be waiting for us.

Act quick. Redeem fast. For peace, truth, love on our societies.

Say sorry to people. Ask for forgiveness. Thank the people. Without people there are no leaders. And love the people as our children and family.

We wish all human beings dignified life to live.

- A world and national leader

Friday, July 17, 2015

Truth will prevail.

Setiap orang perlu membayar untuk kesalahan dan dosa yang dilakukannya. Karma adakalanya mengambil masa dan membabitkan insan lain. Bertenang dan yakin, sesungguhnya kebenaran akan tiba. - Choe

每个人都将为他们的罪恶和错误付出代价。因果报应或早或迟会发生,在这过程里,其他人或被牵涉其中。保持信心和冷静,真相终会取胜。- 曹

Everyone has to pay for their sins and mistakes. Sometimes it takes longer for karma to ripen and in the process other people are pulled along with it. Have faith and stay calm, truth will prevail. - Choe

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Problems of Animals as Food

Animals, their characteristics and contra-indications as food:

It's common to talk about food and how her role plays an important part in human's health, in my daily practice. It's been a long while so I decided to put things a little in writing.

The following lists down the nature of certain animals and if consumed, how they may give rise to certain symptoms and illnesses.


PORK/PIG/SWINE: Sour and sweet, neutral; May cause obesity/fatness/plummy body, diarrhea.

CATTLE/BEEF/COW: Sweet, neutral to warm; May cause over-craving, obesity and fat retention. Makes the blood warm, body odor.

MUTTON/GOAT/SHEEP/LAMB: Sweet, warm; Causes fever, body heat, severe constipation,lower pelvic inf, and body odour.

DEER: Sweet, warm; May cause fever and overheating.

DOG: Sweet, salty, and warm; May cause sore throat, bladder and lower abdomen inflammation, bladder retention.

CAT: Sweet, sour, warm; May elevate skin disorders, cause blood stasis.

RABBIT: Sweet, cool; May cause stomach wind, diarrhea, stomach indigestion.

CHICKEN/NUGGETS: Sweet,warm, dry; Over digestion, cough, constipation, skin disorders, dry skins, sore throat.

BLACK CHICKEN: Sweet, neutral; Causes constipation, indigestion/greasiness.

DUCK: Sweet, salty, neutral to a bit cool; Causes joints pain/stiffness, indigestion, water retention, vertigo.

GOOSE: Sweet, neutral; Obesity, heavy sensation, indigestion.

PIGEON: Sweet, salty, neutral to warm; May cause dragging period.

SPARROW: Sweet, warm; May cause lower pelvic inflammation, difficulty in urination, constipation.

SNAKE: Sweet, salty, warm: Feverish sensation, headache.


FISH (Majority of them): Sweet, warm; Causes phlegm formation, vertigo, fatness, frequent urination.

SHRIMP: Sweet, warm; Allergic reaction, May cause fever, nipple discharge, asthma.

CRAB: Salty, cold; Induces early miscarriage, internal bleeding, skin allergies, asthmatic symptoms.

CLAM: Sweet, salty, cold; Indigestion, lower coldness.

ABALONE: Salty, neutral; May cause stomach upset, frequent urination.


COW'S MILK: Sweet, neutral; May cause diarrhea, plain taste in mouth, skin allergy, stomach indigestion.

GOAT'S MILK: Sweet, warm; May cause diarrhea, mild body heat.

CHICKEN'S EGG: Sweet, neutral; May cause high cholesterol, cough, overall allergic reactions.

DUCK'S EGG: Sweet, cool; Causes cough (especially external cold type), heavy body, high cholesterol.


It's easy to see why humans like to eat animals; they're almost all SWEET in nature. This has a great appeal to humans whose taste buds are strong. On top of that, good culinary cooking with herbal spices has enhanced the appetizing appeal of animals products, without which humans probably  won't eat animals raw and bloody fleshy. In clinical practice, however, animals as food poses as the MOST problematic contributing factor to illnesses and diseases. It's no surprise that illness and diseases these days are hard to be alleviated, treated, or cured.


*Common skin disorders caused by eating animals: Hives, eczema, sensitive skin, dryness.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Goodbye, my daughter, Moon.

Goodbye, Xinyue Moon.

Today is the 100th day passing on of my little daughter, Moon.

I hope Moon as a human being has passed on well. She stayed with us for 15 months as my daughter. She's lovable and laughed all the time. It's been a short while since she passed away; it's not easy to accept what happened.

I wish to express my thanks and appreciation to all doctors, nurses, and hospital personnels. And to relatives, friends, and well wishers for their kind assistance, attendance, messages of condolences, floral attribution, contributions and wreaths.

“The past remains the past and unchangeable.
Memory hopefully can be some beautiful ones.
The future remains unknown and to be seen.
I wish we're full of courage to move on.”


Some messages of kindness and well wishes:


Treasure the brief great memories and look forward. Be strong and positive. May her soul rest in peace and she's in safe hands, and no more sufferings.

Little Moon smiled when we put flowers on her... A better place she must be at now...

Smooth roads never make good drivers;
smooth sea never makes good sailors;
clear skies never makes good pilots.
Problem and hassle free life NEVER makes a strong person.
Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life.


当我们把花儿放满歆月身边时,她脸带笑容... 她一定是到了一个好地方...


God takes away soonest those He loves most.

We are with you through this passing times. May little Moon rest in peace.


The loss is sad and sorrow and empty...

We have the power to choose even during extreme challenges and horrible illnesses. We can always choose the positive over the negative. We can forgive and let go of our resentment. We can experience gratitude for what's still there in our lives in spite of what's gone.

Nothing's more painful. Be strong.

Faham you punye hati dan perasaan. Sempati dan sayang. Ucapkan takziah ok...

What a sadness, what a sorrow... No words to express my condolence...

Sweet memories hurt sometimes...

We are so fragile beings. And we should all be more humble, because there are so many things we don't know and we never will. That force that brings us in this world... Oh, we are so ignorant, so small above big heavens. Hope that we may become better people with every experience...

Banyakkan bersabar ye. Tuhan lebih menyayangi Moon.

God will make a way for all of us. Thank you and thank God.

She's now free from all the needles and tubes.. She's become an angel...


Dear Xinyue,

We tried very hard to keep you with us; we didn't do very well. I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

Papa love you; and always will.

Goodbye, Xinyue. Thank you for coming into my life. Papa will always have you in my heart, and remember your first call of papa. Wherever you are, do all the good deeds and stay away from the bad ones. Have heart. Be patient. Move on. Go be a better being. Take care.

From papa

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Armageddon, End of the world

End of the world is around the corner, many people say so.
Quite a number of people are scared to death; and they are scared of death.

I'm reminded of 2 ancient sayings of how we've looked at death:

[Qing ru hong mao, zhong ru Tai shan.]
Light-as-(swan goose)-feather, weighty-as-Tai-mountain.

[Shi ba nian hou you shi yi tiao hao han.]
(18 years later I'm gonna be a solid person again!)

"Though death befalls all men alike, it may be weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather."
People all die for different reasons. Some reasons are noble; some are pathetic, some are non-existing...

Do the right things right. Not the right things? - Don't do. And admit our mistakes in the past and vow never to repeat them again. Keep doing good stuffs for the living beings to redeem our past mistakes... And to score even better!

Life and death; must be dealt with open minds; and that our lives will shine with great rainbows...

Grab this very moment. Live to the fullest now.

If we were to part this mortal world for now (hopefully because of doing the right things); we will be reincarnated into new born babies. And that 18 years later, we would be 18 years old and become strong adult, ready to serve the world again. (That is, if you believe in the idea of reborn-reincarnation.)

End of the world? Don't worry, everything will be just fine.

Ho ho ho~~

+) 《漢書》 司馬遷 報任少卿書:「人固有一死,或重于泰山,或輕于鴻毛。用之所趨異也。」 by the ancient Chinese writer SZUMA Chien / SIMA Qian.
+) "Though death befalls all men alike, it may be weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather." --

+) 用之所趨異也。Yong zhi suo qu yi ye. -- It all depends upon the reasons he or she dies for.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kill life to get long life?



sha sheng qiu sheng, qu sheng yuan yi.

"Kill lives get lives, near life far off."


If we kill animals and eat them to nourish our own bodies, then we are actually further away from the righteous concept of  'life', and thus our health deteriorates and life gets shortened.


In the preface of SUN Si Miao's book 《备急千金要方》 (Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold for Emergencies), he said:

"Many great ancient physicians used animals to treat acute and dangerous illnesses of emergency. Even though it's said that animals are inferior and human beings are superior; when it comes to appreciating lives, humans and animals are the same. Hurting others and benefiting oneself is commonly disgusted by all animals; let alone human beings. When we save ourselves by killing animals, we're really departing away from the definition of 'life'. This is the reason why I don't use animal products as herbs/medicine in my prescriptions."

In short,
eating animals to nourish our bodies will simply make our health worse and shorten our lives... 


-- 孙思邈, SUN Si Miao, SUN SiMiao, 581-682, Tang dynasty, China. Renowned physician and Taoist. A great medical physician and herbalist. Well regarded as “药王” (Yao Wang, The king of medicines). Main achievement: Author of 《备急千金要方》 and 《千金翼方》.

-- The book 备急千金要方, Bei ji qian jin yao fang, Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold for Emergencies.

-- The book 千金翼方, Qian jin yi fang, Supplement to the Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold.

-- By the way, he spent 10 years on 《千金要方》, from age 60-70 years old. And he spent another 30 years finishing 《千金翼方》, at the age of about 100 years old...

-- Original explanation: (simplifled characters): “自古名贤治病,多用生命以济危急,虽曰贱畜贵人,至于爱命,人畜一也。损彼益己,物情同患,况于人呼!夫杀生求生,去生更远。吾今此方所以不用生命为药者,良由此也。”(《备急千金要方》)

-- Original explanation: (original characters): "自古名賢治病,多用生命以濟危急,雖曰賤畜貴人,至於愛命,人畜一也。損彼益己,物情同患,況於人乎!夫殺生求生,去生更遠。吾今此方所以不用生命為藥者,良由此也。"(《备急千金要方》)